Tricks for increasing yield? Strobes and birth control...

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by jlar16, May 8, 2006.

  1. Has anyone heard about using Strobe lights or birth control pills to increase growth. Apparently giving the plants strobe light gives them "peak light" which is more effective for the plants and estroge and other hormones common in birth control pills are like a growth enhancer for plants. Has anyone tried these methods or have any comments?
  2. Ive heard about the birth controll pills but never the strobe light,.
  3. Neither works, folks. There is a great thread on another site, entitles, growing myths debunked. Those 2 were the first on the list. Get a UVB light and some good nutes and you'll be good to go.
  4. I once met a guy who thought purple haze was grown under a blacklight :laughing:
  5. i know a guy that took a seed put it on the gravel in the bottom of his fish tank and thought he was gonna get some hydro to gro:confused_2: !!! no joke!!
  6. ok anyway...

    Woudl the birth control give it estrogens to make it kinda be female? If thats so, I have a shitload of those pills ( sister ) I could crush up and mix with water...
  7. i do not believe that it is estrogen that makes plants female.
  8. correct you are...common sense- these are plants, not people

  9. For your sisters (and perhaps your whole families) sake DO NOT steal her birth control to facilitate your pot growing needs:eek:
  10. HAHA

    yer man, please. Do not increase the risk of your family genetics spreading.

    I'm just joken man, no offence intended. I have heard the birth controll thing as well. Just remember, there are only 5 groups of known plant hormones and estrogen is not one of them. I believe giving your plants birth controll pills isnt going to do anything benificial. For increased yeild just give them love and look into some super cropping methods. Also, make use of a good P and K addative.

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