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Tricks for getting higher.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Walk it Off, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. #1 Walk it Off, Feb 18, 2009
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    Ok so far i've heard of the mango one where eating a melon like an hour before smoking helps the thc get to your brain or some shit. And then i just read about eating dark chocolate helps to release more canabanoids.

    So do you guys know of any other tricks to increase a high?

    edit: my bad it is mango not melon
  2. Smoke more bud

  3. Word...:smoke:
  4. I really dont think there are any real ways to get higher besides smoke more. If u grow u can make ur weed more potent by curing it.

    But smoking a cig after blazing usaully makes me FEEL higher.

    Not eating right afta u blaze.
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    theres a few ways what i do. :eek:
    well the one me and buddies use the most is the classic "marathon" aka racecar not sure what ur slang for it is where u live. :rolleyes:
    but you just hold your hit in until you get the spliff passed. :smoking:
    Best worked on a group of people, also ghosting hits im sure u know what that is.

    Happy blazing bro. :bongin::wave:

    edit: and i forgot about aftertokes, thats when u smoke a boogey(cigarette) after you burn, it gives you spins feels. The tobacco allows more thc to absorb i believe correct me if im wrong.
    also known why blunts get u higher then spliffs :smoking:
    The blunt paper is made of tobacco.
  6. I don't recommend holding in your hits for longer than 5 seconds unless you want to lose some brain cells.
    Nor do I recommend ghosting hits unless you have to.
  7. fixed :D
  8. try easing the stress of gravity on your body, i always get more high if i swim. I have also devised a method for smoking weed underwater for when I go freshwater snorkeling but i'd probably need to diagrams to illustrate my method.
  9. Coughing: It means less oxygen to the head and more THC through your boody.

    Orange Juice: Similar to the melon, just drink a glass of OJ after burning and you feel alittle more severe head change afterwards
  10. smoke a cigarette
  11. haha i knew it
    i would sometimes blaze then drink some oj about an hour or two hours after, and i would feel like i had just smoked. now i know that it's a fact
  12. I always heard that drinking orange juice killed the high, something to do with the vitiman C combined with the THC.:confused:
  13. I thought it was Ed Rosenthal who said eating mangos an hour before smoking will increase your high?
  14. Thank you, Internet, for always providing us with factual and truthful statements.


  15. hell dude, if u don't believe the internet, what can you believe?

    some fun things to do, is stretch. I don't know about you guys, but I stretch as soon as the circles done, like bending down and touching your toes and holding it there for a little. The blood rushes to your head and you feel even more woozie. Then it stays with you,
  16. Also, packing the bowl correctly can also help. I hate when people just throw in an unbroken nug.
  17. #17 chronicman00, Feb 18, 2009
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    Its a mango not a melon.

    eat a mango 30 minutes before you blaze to let the THC pass the blood-brain barrier quicker.

    and coughing doesnt get you higher

  18. amen. roll fatter blunts
  19. True, and it also seems like those are the people who then proceed to torch half the nug, take a 2 second hit then start coughing like a mofo. Meanwhile youre losing enormous amounts of smoke out the carb hole due to the fact that the bowl will still be cherried for a good 5 hits. ;)
  20. IM pretty sure its mango dude, not mellon. ^_^ but it may not always work becuase the chemical that helps the THC pass the blood/brain barrior in mangos is also in certain strains of maryjane. if not all strains, just moreso in certain ones.

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