tricked by underage partner ?

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  1. years ago i had a thing with a girl shortly after turning 18.i knew her for a week before doing the D. she said she was 18 also but i had a small doub, but with my ex looking like a fucking 13 year old i figured she just looked young... she showed me an ID and it said she was 18 but i later found out she was 15. she smoked and would always say how she went into the store for cigs and get carded, but it bothered me that been with someone that young. and the id she had was fake which pissed me off.

    anyone else been with a younger partner then you were lead to believe.?
  2. Did you break up with her or yall stayed together?
    When i was 17, I ended up dating a girl who was supposedly 16. I found out a week later she was just a liar and was really a 13 year old slut, and broke up with her instantly lol. Luckily it was before i actually was able to go on any dates with her or do anything with her.
    I dont get why a lot of girls will try to lie about their age to guys they're gonna date. Its not like the persons gonna stay with them once they find out.
  3. It happened to one of my best friends. She said she was 18, looked 18 and had body mods.

    She ended up being 13 and her wonderful, responsible parents called the cops.They had met him before, knew he was 21, yet never said anything about their daughter being 13.

    The reason that's suspicious to me is because if I had a 13 year old daughter the moment I found out her new boyfriend was way older, I'd have put a stop to it right then and there, instead of waiting a few weeks.

    He saved her messages and took screen shots of her myspace and Facebook (to show that she claimed to be 18). He also saw that her recent ex was 20, so he got that for further proof that she may have been 13, but definitely not innocent.

    There is more to the fucked up story, but I won't bore you.

  4. yeah its something i was rather timid about... i mean, we had sex and did sex acts separate times. enough to scare me about an ( adult ) finding out .i too saved the txt msgs, and emails claiming to be 18, but nothing came of if since nothing was said. i still have those pictures and such but i doubt ill ever need them

    and the post above, ^^^^ we split apart when i found another FB more appetizing as she did herself. saw her a few times afterwards but we have no grudges. still kinda made me a bit scared. glad things didnt turn emotional on either part:hello:
  5. Happened to me. But we were both underage.. I was 17, turning 18 and he was 15 turning 16. He told me that he was turning 17 when we met though. It wasnt until after we were already going out and had fucked that he told me.

    Not that big of an age diffence, but it is when the guy is super immature and you're a parent. It was all fucked up lol. We broke up a little bit after that.
  6. Yes, this is all i feel comfortable saying.
  7. Happened to me once. I was 19 and DJing in a nightclub in Tijuana, Mexico. I met this gorgeous girl who was about 5'10" in heels and had the body of a porn star. She told me she was 19 and I didn't even think twice. We were fucking for about 2 months until I called her and her mom answer the phone. She asked me if I knew how old her daughter was. I told her mom that she told me she was 19 and I met her in a nightclub in TJ. She told me that her daughter was only 14 years old. I apologized and told her I wouldn't have got involved with her if I knew her age from the beginning. She said it wasn't the first time it happened and it won't be the last. Not gonna lie though, I did hit it one more time before I broke it off.
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  8. i hear ya, did the same with mine. she wasnt a bombshell ( neither am i ) but it was fun to have someone like that. i noticed she was a bit too cute to be true, guess i was right lol
  9. Ask to see multiple forms of government issued ID.
  10. go on........
  11. 18 and 15 isn't really a big deal...
  12. No...

    Usually I find they're much older than they claim to be, but younger, no.
  13. They can trick me all night long!!!!!!
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    i wasnt upset about how young she was but i was upset that i could get in trouble for it... granted,my best friend dated a home schooled girl for 3 years. he turned 18 when he met her. and she looked to be about 17 ish, never thought twice about it. he took her word that she was 17, and even after 3 years she followed the age all the way up to 20. he later finds her purse and makes the horrible discovery that shes 4 years younger then what she claims:eek:

    he waited to the correct moment to call her on it ( after dwelling and beating himself up) and her reaction was so sweet it was sad. she just said that she liked him soo much, and she thought if he thought she was too young that he would leave. by this time they were both in tears. he theyre now married and luckily, her parents didnt give a shit about her, so there was never the thought of police being notified. even then, she was smart enough to keep msgs about her age, which showed that she really cared... kinda brings a tear to your eye :hello: lolololololol...
  15. 14 year olds are so immature and naive. No matter how she looks, 14 year olds love Justin Bieber and watch TV shows on nickelodeon that adults have never seen or heard up. It's weird. Even a 18-19 year old shouldn't be dating or having sex with someone 3 or more years younger. It's just kind of creepy in my opinion to be fine with it. No offense to anyone. It's just scary to hear.
  16. Damn man, that's rugged. I knowingly had sex with a 16-soon-to-be-17 year old girl when I turned 18, and I still felt weird about it.. Perfectly legal though.

    But op, the title of this thread made me laugh my ass off.

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