Trick Her!

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  1. How do you trick a pretty stoner girl into spending time with a unmotivated, unemployed, lazy, fat piece of sh1t like me?
  2. You got the piece of shit part right.
  3. its called money and diet
  4. Lure her into you house on the premise of smoking her up and then chain her in your basement to keep forever
  5. Ask her if she wants to marry you.

  6. Key word is pretty. Gotta lower your standards.
  7. They call this kidnapping.
  8. Become a motivated, employed, active, lean- badass.
  9. Easy....

    "Does this rag smell like chloroform?"

  10. Oldest trick in the book ;)

  11. Well of course :p Or just use GHB.

    Shit.. I probably shouldn't be giving him any ideas!!
  12. You're an accomplice now Blunt-Man!
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    ^LOL shitt. Don't do anything crazy OP!

    On a serious note, just be yourself. You can't really force a girl to hang out with you if she doesn't like you. Don't try to be "fake" either. Maybe invite a few friends over and play some quarters or beer pong? It's a lot easier to break the tension when you have a few buddies over to watch your back. I know some chicks act kind of cold to me when the party first starts but after a few games of quarters we're like best friends lol.
  14. I believe that's why man created a form of currency, fancy cars, and shiny jewelry.
  15. Fix perceived inadequacies. Profit.
  16. Show her your good personality..this will get her warmed up..

    Then show her your Dick..if its nice bet she digs it if its not..take the loss and motivate your self in the gym...

    People alwAys scream out to the guys "fatbitches need love too.." I'm like shit so do fat *****s..

    I'm a smaller defensive lineman a big guy but far from sloppy Dick games real proper from honeing skill on scrags and skallywags through high school..

    To pro it up you need to do two things .Tone it up (body)
    And Hoe it Up..

    If your insecuritys are that strong then you would have never gone for a gazelle..your a big preditor son find a thick wilderbeast to tame. They might front and act tough like most girls regardless of stature do to bigger guys...that's the nature of a wilderbeast..but their default is they travel in while that one may play dumb she will tell her buddy and her buddy gonna want that same shit she's passing up on..and that is how to hoe it up..just be respectful..

    I can say this shit on a forum but ill never talk to a woman in any way, shape, or form like this..

    Anyway I'm fuckin high hence the animal planet above good luck and you stay classy San Diego!

    Edit: but yeah if the gazelle does come back you can try your hand again if u remained friends from the first encounter..earn that trust
  17. Of and if your trolling me i don't give a fuck jus high as giraffe tits

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