trichs too small for me to see with a 30x loop.

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  1. Trichs too small for me to see with a 30x loop.

    This is a newer sativa I have 5 of in flower atm, but the trichs are too tiny to see what color they are turning atm..

    Any sugestions for a better view or a different means of magnification (best loop i can find is only 40x and no clue if that will be enough... 30 isn't) These things are TINY. (it may be old eyes as much as a magnification issue :)
  2. How long have they been flowering? Perhaps the trichomes just aren't developed yet.
  3. I recommend one of these, works like a charm, 13 bucks , free shipping , ebay

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    12 weeks on tuesday, I can see they are there, just can't make out colors.

    dado only problem with that is its lower maginification that what I'm using. I currently use 30x21mm jewlers loop and as i said its just not enough.. I can see the tops of the trics barley and just can't make out color at all

    August I'll check that out. (checked it, and it looks like it will work) and hell its only 12 bucks.

    I'll let ya know how it works once it gets here.
  5. Even without seeing individual trichomes, you should be able to tell when it's ripe by the overall colour of the bunches of pistils, if you get what I mean.

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