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  1. Here is a shot I got today using the macro on my digital camera.
    Some look clear, some milky and some amber. Look also at the edge of the leaf on top.
    This is the lowest bud on the plant.
    What do the pros here think?

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    I am not a "pro" but I do think that you need to get a little bit closer to really determine the trich color. Don't know what your magnification is there, but you need at least 30x. 60x is best, and is what the cheapest camera offers at radioshack.

    You should be close enough to only see a handful of trichs in one view.

    I can see some color in the trichs there but I feel like we need a closer view to really make a decision, ya know. Some bomb lookin' bud anyway, many weeks in?
  3. A little over eight weeks. I can see the colors pretty well.
    And thanks, at least thanks to mother nature.:D

    Here's some pics I posted yesterday.
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    Did you even click the thumbnail?

    I can see the color blend.
    That's exactly when I like to bring it in, some clear, a bunch cloudy and a few ambers.
    And I am no pro, but I know what I like.
  5. I did click the thumbnails, thanks. I did say that I could see some color. I just feel like I need a closer view of most of them to really determine the color, mostly clear from milky.
  6. thats crazy how you can see them so well with such little zoom, looks good though, not sure if its all done yet completely. keep it up :D
  7. The first pic in this thread is the very bottom bud on the plant. This one is the cola. It does have some amber, but not much. I think I'm going to cut the bottom buds, and let the top ones develop a little longer. There's a bunch of little buds along the stems that will get more light once the bigger buds are cut. I'll just slowly harvest them from the plant as they develop and leave all the little ones on the stalk to see how they do.

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  8. Tha looks awesome and that's exactly what I do.
    I harvest in stages because different buds mature at different rates and it depends on the light too.
    It makes it easier to manage to because hauling one in at once can take 3 freaking hours!

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