Trichs gold from afar * pics *

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    when i look at my white rhino, i see frostyness all over, when i view those trichs through my scope, individually they look milky, kind of clear in a rainbowish way? some are like light light yellow/white opposite of translucent, not see through. ok heres the thing, when im focusing in with my scope, i can see clusters of the trichs and they are amber, the group of them together, individually they range from clear/milky/amber/ and half milky with a red cap or clear with a red cap. so 50-80% of hairs are red, there are still a few yellow hairs, but more red. i think its harvest time, i just dont want to harvest early but i def dont want to harvest late, i have cut a branch but im afraid that if im wrong and its way past harvest i will be screwed that way. ill will put some pics from 2-3 days ago and you can guess how much the trichs have changed since then, not a ton, but a change none the less.

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  2. to be clear. that scope and camera trick im doing doesnt really get the exact color. i have a pic where you can see the red cap sticking out like a sore thumb, its all about angles when veiwing these things.
  3. im standing by w/ scissors waiting for the word, and it has been a couple of days since those last pics and the trichs are amber capped in alot of places, all milky turning amber slowly.
  4. harvest now . green light
  5. thanks im going to as soon as i get a few more green lights.
  6. how long has that plant been flowering?

    it looks pretty damn close.. but kind of hard to tell from pics.
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    ok, um since june-july
    i updated the pics. but about how long, i think 63 days maybe more not sure
  8. lol well june or july would be a 4 week difference... but anyway if they look amber to you and you think they are ready then go for it.

    you'll get plenty baked off of that.
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    ok, i found my calendar, so i have been flowering for 68 days, and the recommended time is 55-65 days

    so i harvested, and im done i was 1 plant so im already done shes hangin up.
  10. That plant looks nice. Is it your only one? I'm curious what wattage lighting you're using
    I only grow 1-2 at a time and I use a 150-watt...but usually the only way my lower buds get big like that is if I chop like half the plant down and let the lower half mature more.

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