trichromes and quantum mechanics

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     Your position in time and space becomes uncertain........
     OK so mabey it's not as complicated as all that but I am having some difficulty and confusion with the prescibed timeline and the actually reality of trichrome color in reference to harvesting.
     The strain in question is a hybrid of super blue dream X (Mr.Nice) G13 Haze
    The hybrid to date did not turn out perfect , but it's no slouch either.
    When it comes to harvesting however it gets a bit tricky. One day it will look almost ready to harvest and the next day it somehow no longer looks quite so ready.
     The hairs will all start to shrivel up and some turn brown. The trichromes which start clear will be 90% cloudy. Growth has slowed to nearly a standstill. More than once Ive thought well , perhaps tomarrow will be the day.
     Then tomarrow arrives and suddeny there are a bunch of new fresh fat white pistils and upon inspecting the trichromes it actually appears as if many of them have once again become more clear than cloudy.
     This has been going on for a couple weeks.
    I have not seen this described before , but I assume it must happen elsewhere.
     I suppose the obvious answer is just to wait it out untill I see amber trichromes. However I waited for that last time and it seamed that the trichromes just began to burst and degrade before the ever turned amber.
     I want to accomplish a perfect harvest as far as maximum flavor and a somewhat couchlock stone as this strain has a tendancy towards extremely high paranoia factor if harvested early. The potency is somewhat over the top.
     So has anyone else had this issue with milky trichromes reverting to clear and spiratic fresh growth on buds that you would think where almost finished?
     I suppose the answer is just to be eternally patient, but I do not want to go too long either as some fast finishing strains Ive had in the past kind of lost flavor if allowed to go too long.
     So, that's my quandry.
     What says the aged masters?
    pics are a couple weeks old, just to show the resulting bud structure from the cross.


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  2. OK , so by waiting a week longer I have made an intersting observation.
     From what I have observed I have developed a hypothesis.
     It would appear that the two strains crossed to make the strain in question did not fully integrate as I would have expected. It is almost as if the plant flowers in two stages.
     It first developes the thick stout colas of the G13 Haze and and appears to nearly finish. However in waiting for longer than usual to harvest the plant has now entered stage two of flowering.
     The buds rather than finishing all at once have began to produce spiratically stacked fresh calyxes which continue to develope in the slow stretching manner of the super blue dream.
     The buds just keep getting longer and branching out on all sides.
    The trichromes on the older buds where the hairs have receded have turned milky and some are degrading, but new calyxes with clear glands are still continuing to develope.
     It's rather strange to me. Like the two phenos are both present but have seperate growth characteristics instead of melding into a single pheno representing a mixing of the two genetics.
     It's pretty darn weird. almost makes me wonder if G13 is not a GMO product, which honestly has crossed my mind in the past.
     So anyway, I'm surprised no one had any comments on this subject. But I figured I'd update the post with my findings.
     I guess all that's left is to wait and see how long this oddball continues to produce new growth before it decides to finish.
  3. One way to know is to wait and see for yourself when the best time is for this harvest.
    once the trichomes turn amber, you dont have many days left till they start to degrade.

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