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  1. Sat Jul 20 14-16-47.jpg Here is a digital microscope pic of my trichromes....I'm thinking one more week Opinions?
    Sat Jul 20 14-16-47.jpg
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  2. sorry about the double picture. New to site. new to digital microscope. The scope was actually easy to set up and use. I'm having a little trouble routing and storing the pictures. Took two. Not sure where the second one ended up on my computer.
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  3. Yeah... could be.
    (Thanks for the clear photo)
  4. Welcome @bobg and nice pics.:wave:
  5. what do you think about harvesting?
  6. I’m not really an expert and probably would have smoked it yesterday as tasty as it looks. Somebody will stroll thru.:GettingStoned:

    Is that an expensive scope?
  7. nope. 18 bucks. I am using it with my computer which pretty much means you have to bring the dope to the machine, not the other way around. I'm pretty sure you can use it with a phone which might be handier. It was easy to set up but a little weird to move photos around and store on the hard drive. I will get it with a little playing around.
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  8. So the scope took the pics? Either way seems cool.
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  9. yes
  10. It has video capablity as well.
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  11. How’s it going? I’ve been looking at those scopes. Pretty nice stuff.
  12. More info is needed. How long has the plant been flowering? Strain? Post a pic of the entire bud . There is more to harvesting than trichs.
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