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  1. At what week of flowering should I start noticing trichomes and buds developing? Thanks :D
  2. 2nd week of flower you will see buds forming...
    the trichomes are very strain dependant..some srains show very early, others late in flower like 6-7 weeks...

  3. Right on, cuz I'm into like the 3rd day of flowering and it looks likes its still growing in the veg state. (Yes I have the correct light and darkness schedule :D )

    So I was starting to get a little confused like.. " uhhhh..." :confused:
  4. I've read (on these boards) that the plants may keep vegging for up to 2 weeks after flipping the light sched to 12/12. The beginning of flowering starts when the first flowers start to appear.

  5. So should my nute schedule be adapted to when I first start seeing flowers? As in, should I wait to use the blooming formula until I see the flower or once their next feeding date is regardless of flower development?
  6. Go ahead now with bloom ferts.

  7. Well, I just transplanted it into a preloaded organically fertilized soil before I put her into the flowering tent. I was reading that its good to not fert again for about a week and at that point to only start with 1/4 strength. Should I still wait (about 4 more days will be a week) before adding the bloom ferts? Right now, I have just been watering her with Phed water and a tablespoon of Fox Farm Big Bloom.
  8. I'd watch it with the nutes I used a teaspoon a gallon on mine last grow and it Burned the shit out of them . I been useing half a tea spoon of big bloom and tiger bloom every other watering and they are doing great

  9. Sounds good, thanks for the advice. What size pots are they in and is the soil pre-fertilized?

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