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  1. I still am having problem identifing trichoime's

    I did see a pattern of sorts of very very small speckles on leafs and glands. Are these the trichomes?

    And color..I can hardly makethem out.
    I am using a 10X Magnifling loop and still can't be sure at what I am trying to find.

    I also tried 5x glasses with a 10X large Magnifing glass
    I do see the speckles and they do appear clear on some plants and white on others.

    When they are white, it that the time to shutdown?
    Overgrown shows pictures but they didn't place an arrow detailing exactly what they are talking about.
    And colors..I see no colors.
    I do see swollen glands with speckles on them.

    The glands are green the speckles are clear to white..
  2. I use a 30x microscope for looking at trichomes. That gets you close in. what you are looking for is something that looks like a little ball on top of a tiny stalk. Usually these are somewhat opaque in color, and can range from clear to cloudy, white to amber. I usually keep an eye on the tricomes for the maturity level of the bud. When I get approx. 60% amber heads, I harvest the buds and dry and cure. I have some pics, but I do not know how to post them on this site, but PM me and I can direct you to where I can post the pics...

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