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  1. hi all
    on one of my plant the trichomes have just started to go amber. how long do you think i have before harvest? am i right i'm meant to harvest when the trichomes are about 75-80% amber? what will happend if it goes more than 80%? any other tips or info would be great.
    thanks allan
  2. Its all about preference but I like to harvest at 50-70% amber. Once they all become amber it has passed peak potency. If you harvest earlier you will get more of a up high and the later will be a couch locking effect. Aim for the middle.
  3. Definitely a matter of preference. I like to pluck right at the stage you are in at the moment, just as they are turning amber, certainly no more than 25%. That's me, and many would agree but many also would let it go a little longer. Most folks would harvest by 50% amber at the latest.
  4. If you harvest now, you'll get more of a cerebral high. Havest later and you'll get more of a body stone. Don't wait too long though or the THC will degrade too much!
  5. ok i have yet another question.. how long did it take for your thrichomes to staret changing from clear to cloudy/milky/amber please.. i am growing northern lights and they have been flowering for 40 days now but the thrichoms havent changed colour at all.. i am growing under cfl's.. am i doing something wrong??
  6. also my bud's are spaced out a fair bit up the stem (little bit's of bud no big cola's) how do i get the bud's big and closer together if you know what i mean? i know it's to late on this plant but i have just put my other two in to 12/12.
    thanks allan
  7. bump....
  8. Nenu, trichs can change gradually over a few weeks or rather quickly over several days, depends mostly on the strain. That's why you have to watch them closely. At 40 days I would expect trichs to still be clear. Hang in there...

    Allan, MJ buds can fatten up greatly in the last couple of weeks of flowering. Make sure you have lots of good light on them in the correct spectrum, keep humidity low during flowering, don't nute burn 'em, and keep temps below 80F if possible -- excessive heat can cause fluffy buds.

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