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  1. How do you determine overall if the plant is ready as some budsites dont all display the same clear cloudy or amber coloration.
  2. they never are the same . some times the lowers are done faster then the tops and some times the tops are done faster then the lowers lol . i know this does not help you . what about posting us a picture ?
  3. I dont have a camera microscope just a hand held. 1499867621343.jpg 1499867630357.jpg 1499867636559.jpg 1499867642183.jpg 1499867646253.jpg 1499867666083.jpg
  4. I look for the amber to just start. Then I start 2 weeks of flush. 2 straight waterings with plain ro. Then a full flush. And last usually 2 more waterings. By then I'm around 20% overall amber. Lowers for me are usually cloudy with a rando amber. And tops are 25-30% amber.
    If you're looking for a more well rounded average you can take off what you think are ready and leave some on the plant for a few more days to ripen.
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  5. Ima let em run about a week longer then stick em in the dark
  6. A week or two more would be good, your plants are still producing lots of stigmas and could use a little longer to ripen. There is no reason to place the plants in extended darkness before harvest, it will not increase the number of trichomes or increase the potency. This is another stoner myth that keeps getting passed on by unknowing growers, dont waste your time. Harvest at the beginning of the light cycle for best results and the highest concentration of terpenes for taste and smell.

  7. O ima stress the shit outa the plant in the last week. I see what happens when i supercrop and defoliate. I use a uvb right now to increase resin production.

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