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  1. how long after budding should I start seeing the trichomes develop? (critical ryders autos). they are budding nicely, but we aren't seeing any trichomes at all, so far
  2. depends on the strain and phenotype, generally the earlier it starts producing resin, the more there will be in the end. some strains may produce visible resin glands even before flowering, but I wouldnt expect it earlier than 3-5 weeks into flowering.

    btw, your plant does have trichomes. any plant hair is called a trichome, cannabis has a lot of pointy ones on pretty much every part of the plant except for the roots. what you mean are bulbous glandular trichomes :p
  3. well, it's an auto. critical ryder specifically. they are going into their 2nd week of bud. this is our first grow, and I was getting antsy cause not seeing the frosting, at all, that we see in all the pics
  4. thats because all the pics are taken at least a month later than that... you gotta be much more patient if you want good bud.

  5. It's still early yet, they'll get frosty soon. Throw up some pics :smoke:
  6. If there are no crystals forming by the 4th week, I'd start to worry then. I've had plants that were frosty from the first week, but around 4 weeks is an average time for them to start looking pretty.
  7. Yes post some pics of those babies i think you have 4 under a 400 watter you can really take advice from mjmamma too shes one of the most knowledgable growers aroung the city good luck brotha and like i said to ya before yall have to be patient and they are beautiful.

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