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  1. Hey GC, My Vanilla Kush is about 7 weeks into flowering.
    I know there's still some time for harvest, I'm thinking probably two weeks?
    My question is, from these pictures (Unable to get any better quality) are you able to tell how long the trichomes are in their development/finishing or will I need to get some better quality pictures to actually examine the trichomes properly?
    This is my first grow so I'm not sure what to look exactly after but what I personally see is a lot of cloudy trichomes and no amber yet.
    Appreciate any feedback, cheers!


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  2. Its hard for me to tell, someone else might be able to.  If you can yea a better picture will help but if you could a picture of the plant would be cool too.
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    I wont be able to get any better pictures today, but sure I got some pics of the plant itself :)
    Not exactly the best pictures either but yeah pretty proud of this lady.
    These pictures are 5 days old, a lot more white hairs have turned orange-ish lately.
    Looking at the dates, she's 50 days into flowering today (The closeup with zoom is from today)
    Here's an album with the two pictures if you have trouble resizing them.,l2zULen

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  4. Yeah I can't really tell from those pics. But by the looks of the plant you're close to harvest. 
    Just look at the trichomes your self. Clear=not ready   Mostly Cloudy=ready but still a little early, will have more of a head high
    Mostly Amber=ready to chop, more of a body high.
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    I don't have a microscope so it's hard for myself to see it, which is why I asked here :)
    I agree though that there's not long till harvest, I'm thinking 2 weeks approx maybe less maybe more?
  6. 1-2 weeks yeah. If you're really worried look up the flowering time for your strain, and go a week after the recommended time.
  7. 50 days into flowering, I would give it another 3 weeks.  Barney's Farm list vanilla kush as finishing in 60-65 days.   From the looks of the pistils, yea it still has a little more time to go.  Nice looking plant btw, congrats.

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