Trichomes Pics. Am I ready to harvest? FIRST GROW

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    Can someone look at these trichomes and tell me if I will be ready to harvest this week? They seem to be mostly cloudy. I am not sure the clear to cloudy ratio I should be looking for. Still no amber as of yet.
    I am growing 2 Royal Queen Critical, and 3 Kera Northern Lights. The suggested flowering time for the Critical is 7 weeks and for the Northern Lights is 7-8 weeks. It will be exactly 7 weeks of flowering in 2 days.
    This is my first grow so any advice would be appreciated.
    The first pic is the Critical today.
    The 2nd and third is the Northern Lights
    The 4th is the Critical
    The 5th is the Northern Lights


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    And the education Im getting will get the whole deal next time!!
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    The best way to tell if they are ready to harvest is to use a 60x jewelers loupe to see when the trichome heads turn from clear to milky. It is hard to tell when to harvest. If a few of the trichomes start turning from milky to amber, then it is primetime to harvest. Once the trichs all turn amber, that is a bad thing. 

    Since there are still a lot of yellow hairs, I think you can wait longer for max yield.
  4. Thanks bro.  have a 100x microscope that i looked thru and it seems alot of the trichomes are still clear. alot of the hairs have turned brown so i wanted a second opinion. im gonna wait another week til harvest.  
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    I'd wait a week week n a half but that's just me I rather a lil later than too early and looks like still has hair up to you

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  6. The close up pics look alright, if it was like that pretty much all over all the plant I would say go for harvest.  The wide shots give a different overall impression, they still look a little fresh and pale to my eye but it is hard to tell.
    If the flowering time on the packet is 7-8 weeks and you're just under 7, I think that matches up with your pictures pretty well.  Have in your mind that you'll probably harvest in 5-10 days, see how they change over the next 5 days, and then take it a day at a time until you're happy.
    You're doing the right thing going off the trichomes and not the pistils, some strains still have lots of white pistils while some will be almost all orange.
    They look like they could go another couple of weeks but keep checking.
  8. Preciate it. Definitely dont wanna be early. Too much work put in at this point. might as well see it through
  9. Yea all the buds pretty much look like the close ups. The critical packet says it flowers in 7 weeks but through the microscope there are still alot of clear trichomes. So im not sure what to do. But I am gonna wait like you said about a week and monitor the trichomes every day. Thanks for the input.
  10. Alot of clear trichomes right now so am definitely gonna wait. I am confused because the buds have been close to this size and frosty for almost 3 weeks. Have fattened slowly and gotten a little more frosty but the plant has looked like this for awhile. Most noticeable change in the past few weeks is the pistils darkening. 
  11. Yeah but in a span of just couple days they can really grow during a spurt not sure if it will your ahead of me by at least a week

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  12. Can I post up pics of some trichomes here to ask if they are ready or should I start a new thread?
  13. Never go by the breeders info

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