Trichomes Milky? Should I Harvest?

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  1. This is a closeup of a lower cola. Its two months into flowering. I think I'm pretty close to harvest time. What do you think?

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    Wait for cloudy/amber.
  3. real close...some of the "white" strains are best when milky, other strains are best when amber in depends on strain and that color for the peak harvest time.
  4. It's white widow. So do you think the trichomes look ready?
  5. it also depends on how you want it to smoke. Do you want an up active high or more of a couchlock stone? Clear cloudy will be like doing a line - sometimes a racy heart, jittery, depending on the strain and it generally won't last long at all. All cloudy will be more smooth, but up. Cloudy with some amber will be heavier and all amber will put ya down. It all depends on the strain and how you want it.
    take a sample, dry it and smoke it. if you like it, harvest. if not, wait a week and repeat
  6. Ok thanks for the info. Could I get your opinion on the picture. Do you think it looks milky because I can't tell what stage its at.
  7. Its easiest to tell with pictures like:


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