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  1. ok, if most trichs are clear & cloudy ya get more head high, if cloudy & amber, more body high.

    im wondering what it does to sativas & indicas.

    what im wonderin is if its a sativa do ya still get a head high only a little of body thrown in if ya let the trichs get amber? will sativa every get to a total body high as heavy as indica?

    if indica ya still get a body high but a little more head if trichs are clear/cloudy? will indica every get to a head high like sativa?
  2. Very good question, and you're onto the right answer.

    You cannot get the full range of possible MJ "highs" out of a single plant. The harvest timing of the trichomes is like a fine-tuning, not like a genetic make-over.

    So, for example, let's say you can rate MJ high on a scale of 1 to 100, with a pure indica couchlock being a 1 and a pure sativa trippy head high a 100. Now let's say you are growing an indica-dominant plant. The range of the kind of high for that plant on that scale might be between 10 and 40, and by timing the trichs you can get more like a 40 by harvesting early, more like a 10 harvesting later, and something in between if you harvest somewhere else in the peak trich range.

    So that's what you can do by timing your trichs, it's not as though you can take an indica and get anything from a 1 to 100 on that scale from that plant, the genetics have only so much wiggle room.

    BTW there is no such 1-100 scale, I just made that up to illustrate the point.
  3. hey toasty, great answer. ive got 5 jh's going so im gonna experiment and let the first get just cloudy. then the next im gonna let it rot on the vine - well maybe not that drastic ha. but am gonna let it get very amber. more news in a few months.
  4. Another thing to wonder about is how the timing of the harvest not only affects the potency, but also what happens to the length of the high as well as flavor and taste.

    I have been finding that when i pull my indica doms earlier, the high may seem more "heady" , but the length of the high also seems to be diminished. Taste and flavors dont seem as developed as they should. Seems like there are alot of internal processes at work in that final ripening period that get interrupted when pulling early to cause that lighter yet incomplete high.

    I am becoming a firm believer in growing each plant to "its" peak maturity and having a good mix of indies and sats going to quench my thirst for variety!

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