trichomes: clear cloudy and amber?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pantyfluff, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I've got 2 unknown strains in week 10 of 12/12. I've reduced the feed to 1/4 strength mix. all goin well, however due to the lack of kbnowledge on the strains i've been watching the trichomes very carefully.
    It seems they have been going between clear and cloudy as should be expected and finally i've started to notice some amber trichs. However there are still clear trichomes present.
    How should i treat this? should I still wait until 50% of the trichs are amber or should iwait till they all cloud up?

    I'm not sweating too much as thjis is my first real attempt 'at growing and i'm sure they'll yeild something nice.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. hey pf...its a personel choice for the grower and knowin' the strain ta really dial it your case...i find 70 cloudy 30 amber gives a good all around sample of what the strains got..for more of a head high less amber...body stone ..mostly amber:smoke:

    my blue cheese...more of a head high

    my og 18...couch lock baby

    but in the all of growin' tweak it ta what you like:wave:
  3. cool thanks, is it normal to have clear trichomes at the same time as amber ones tho? thats my main concern
  4. sure..clear are no long as not too many:smoke:
  5. I typically waited until the majority of my trichs are cloudy or amber. Having some clear ones is okay. Just remember the darker the better :)
    With that being said, don't wait forever :p

  6. Thats because there are 3 different types of trichomes.

  7. That was a very helpful link, thanks!

    Not quite so worried about timing now, that said, i'm pretty impatient for them to be ready!
    I reckon 1 of them is at 15-20% amber so any day now.
    thanks for all the info


  8. My pleasure.
    (good luck).

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