Trichomes Are Cloudy. Pistils Are White?

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    The trichomes are mostly cloudy, partially clear. Maybe a 60/40 mix. The leaves are yellowing and calyx's have swollen. But there is a very good amount of white hairs still on the plant About 50ish percent of hairs are still white

    I have 2 plant they have been flowering for 54 days, is this normal?

    And how long should i wait to cut it, im cutting the top half of the plants first. Strain is ak47 and takes 53-63 days to finish flowering

  2. first i never go by what the company says about how long to flower always takes a few weeks longer .have LSD ,White Widow and Aculpoco Gold in flower room since April 1st and they are coming down in next two weeks ,says 8 weeks but no where finished at 8 weeks  ,Flushed yesterday and will again in a few days . one WW started growing a whole lot of white pistles a couple of weeks ago and they did the last grow also . tricomes all  cloudy .
    not sure why this time the buds have a real blue tint ( kinda nice ) ---Erb
  3. Sounds like your getting antsy

    Never go by breeder dates 53-63 days means 63-80 days. Harvest early and you will be very upset with a crappy high. Wait until your trichomes have started changing amber.
  4. Im not getting too antsy, i just dont want the bottom halfs of my plants thc to start to degrade because i waited too long

    I plan on waiting until 63-70 days to cut the tops depending on the trichomes. (Probably day 70) That way they will get a good 2-3 week flush, i was feeding pretty heavy nutes under a week ago
  5. Ill for sure wait for it to start turning amber :) i dont want crappy buds after all my hard work!

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