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Trichomes... approx how long does it take to go cloudy to amber??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by m477, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. I know this is a loaded question but does anybody know approximately how long it takes for them to go cloudy to amber?

    I bought a 60x pocket microscope from radio shack and most of mine are cloudy. I'm only a week into flushing them with water... and I want to harvest them for that 'up/heady' high. Trying to time them so they are flushed and cloudy.... with not too much amber.

    Any info would be appreciated!

  2. I asked the same question but it's buried in a thread on the amateur growing forum, but have learned a lot about the temperatures and variables. I went down a week ago and purchased that same scope at RS and started looking. I'm 1 week into flushing myself - targeted for 7 days when 40% amber. First Monday I been looking forward to for God knows how long! It's my first harvest ever!!!!!!

    Watch for frost, heavy rain like we have forecast in Northern California (where I live) up to British Columbia over the next 3 days. I have friends in Grass Valley who are shitting cause they have THE CROP I WISH I HAD and are priming themselves to go out in that rain and shake their colas cause up to 3" inches a day is forecast. If yer indoors than most of the temp issues don't apply. If yer up in elevation watch for temps dropping below 40`.

    I have mostly cloudy 75% on the leaves but calyx are only around 40% cloudy. It was above 90 degrees just 10 days ago where I live. Temps down to 74 daily and lows around 50 at night time. Needless to say the resin production has slowed down with temps dropping. Last 2 weeks resin building fast on trichomes but now only at half speed...soooo......


    Whats yer strain? Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa dominant?
    > I have 1 Blue Dream bagseed - I pollenated 2 lower buds w/Sour Diesel

    Do you know the strain? Do you know the first day/week flowering started?
    You can certainly find a window of 2 weeks if you know what strain and how
    long it's expected to be flowering. Blue Dream 45-60 days, @day 43 now.

    Whats yer temps - daytime, night time, morning dew or frost in yer area?
    > I have a bit of purple showing on tips of the very top leaves

    So I have to watch and re-think my cut date. Not like it's going to race by and not even get a whiff of the amber % yer lookin for - I did find some info posted on trichomes maturing another 10% AFTER HARVESTED. So add that number = looking for 20% amber, cut at 10% amber.

    At worst it could add a week to 10 days to target date. I'm Zone 7 N. Cali.

    Pics from this past Friday with 10 days to go ~




    Phil J
  3. Thanks for the reply and nice looking plants.... and especially good to know that the trichomes can mature another 10% after harvest.

    It is an unknown seed/strain however I'm pretty sure they are sativa/indica hybrids. Flowering started around 9/10 I think. Current weather has been cloudy, 60-75 during the day and high 50's at night/morning... no frost yet luckily. It is supposed to rain soon but we'll see.

    Here are some shots of the trichomes.

    This one is almost all cloudy:


    And here is one with some amber:


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