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Trichomes and quality

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MountainDank, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Many people refer to the buds with milky trichomes/ crystals as beasters. When I think of trichs I think of the amber colored strands. But I've also heard of crystals refered as trichs . So what's the deal are crystals just unfinished trichs or a completely different trichome altogether?

  2. Beasters are buds from BC canada. People use the term for mids usually incorrectly. Or they use it to refer to dank in some areas, it depends. But, it has nothing to do with the trichome color.

    But white trichomes are less mature, amber is more mature. Right before you harvest, you decide when to chop it by the color of the trichomes. The less mature provide a more cerebral high, even for indica strains, while the more mature, amber trichomes give it a more couch-locky feel,

    It's up to the grower what he wants, but many people usually do 50/50 amber/white trichomes before cutting it down. Some might before more amber, some less.
  3. Most of What I see here then is the crystal stuff not a whole lot of amber. I've always heard it was based on the color of the hairs too. Assuming you could get just crystals would it make a clear hash ?

  4. Not sure, probably would make some clearer, yellowish hash oil versus darker oils. Not very into the hash game to give you an answer on that. Strain is also an important factor of the color of the hash oils.

    But hair color isn't related to the trichome color. Hairs could be red, orange, green, ect, depending on the strain. The trichomes themselves are clear, but turn amber the longer the plant is in flower.

    Your trichomes might be more amber than you realize, it's hard to see the color properly without some type of magnification(from jeweler loop or magnifying glass).
  5. While oil is my love my thoughts were more on hash block. But I see What you mean with the jewler scope . Would you say the more prevalent crystal weed is artibuted to an impatient grower and somone looking for that WOW Factor?

  6. ah, probably would result in a more blonde appearance in a dry-sift hash. I'd imagine.

    You keep calling them crystals, they are just immature trichome heads. But most of the time, it's from growers being impatient and pulling as soon as the buds develop enough to sell. Sometimes it's from personal preference, but i'd wager impatience is more likely.
  7. So one would think that amber trichs mean higher quality smoke .
  8. One might assume that. It's probably not a bad assumption either. Not definitive, but not bad.
  9. What would be your opinion on length of stone compared to trich color ?
  10. So then the buds that frequent my area are nothing to the octane that it could pull had they been matured

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