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  1. Hello,
    So I'm in about week 5 of flowering and my plants are looking nice. Got nice bud structure and decent size, and trichomes are looking beautiful as well. However, I'm wondering how I can frost up my buds as much as possible. Currently they are developing trics at a nice rate, but I feel as if they can be doing better. I've heard a method that uses lower temperatures to help frost up the buds and even turn buds purple but will stress ur plant (recommended close to harvest) and being that I'm approaching week 8 I was wondering if I could start to attempt the method. However if there is a more guaranteed way for frostier buds feel free to share. I'd love to know some secrets. Also, is there a way to pack on more weight in the buds??? *Im a first time grower, so I need all the tips I can get*
  2. That part about increasing potency by dropping temps isn't correct at all. Just figured I'd let you know..
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  3. as a new grower

    I'd be working on my method more so than my returns

    so early in this game

    as for your answer

    its all in the breeding

    get the 'right' strains in the first place

    then you need not be comparing?

    good luck
  4. The best way to get the most trich production out of your plant is to give it a good environment, good nutes, and good light.
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  5. If anything it's slightly the opposite. Plant growth is in essence a complex set of chemical reactions many of which take place faster at higher temps. You will get the most rapid growth from the highest temps that your strain will tolerate and stay healthy unless you're overheating your hydro res and reducing oxygen to the point the it inhibits growth. If you grow large plants with a tall canopy the res down below stays relatively cool. 8-10 degrees cooler then the top canopy in the tent with the cool air intake down low. I've been running 80-82 and having great success with DWC. LED's plants can tolerate slightly higher temps then HPS plants. The tailored spectrum doesn't elevate surface leaf temps as much.

    There is one tried and true scientifically proven method to you getting higher THC content in your bud.......

    UV/UVB/C light.

    There's a reason that Amare, California Lightworks, and other light manufacturers include UVB lights on their fixtures. It's been scientifically proven since the 80's to increase thc percentage in cannabis. The prevailing theory is that the glands and oil's secondary function in the plant is to provide a sunscreen to the plant.

    Solacure markets UVB specific lights. My buddy runs them on the sides of his HPS fixtures. I have smoked before and after. They work.
    "We guarantee you great results. Our lamps are up to 50x stronger than reptile and similar UVB lamps. We have worked with universities, experts and growers nationwide to produce solutions for increasing flavonoids and resins in a variety of plants, from tomatoes, peppers, ornamental plants, and of course, for cannabis. There are a lot of UVB lamps out there, but none are as strong nor as finely tuned as Flower Power, the first and only UVB lamps designed specifically for your needs. Keep in mind, this isn't the most impressive case we have on file, just the one with the best pictures. We understand that seeing is believing. This is a 26% increase, we have many cases that are 30%, 33% and higher. No one gets less than 20% their first time with our lamps. The above example is a "first effort" using only a couple hours per day: they still haven't maximized the potential.

    Total cannabinoid production went from 231.1 mg/g to 291.1 mg/g."

    The cheap hacker method of this that has been used for years is to buy a reptile UV light from a pet store or multiple.
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  6. It's a little known fact that the glass on hoods blocks over 90% of the uv from hps lights. If you run an open bulb you get higher THC percentage. It's one reason commercial ops love open bulb setups. CMH lights are known for growing higher potency bud from their higher UV % compared to hps and superior spectrum.
  7. While it IS partially in the breeding of course, It's more about growing very healthy vigorous plants imo.

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