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  1. so you harvest when your trichomes are as close to 100% cloudy as u can get.
    hang and dry till the stalk just snaps but not too dry. Then trim the buds off and put them into jars to cure, burping the jars every day for about a week or two. PLEASE CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG

    My question is. when drying the hanging buds should they be in absolute darkness with pleanty of ventilation with an ocilating fan running or whould too much air movent cause alot of the trics to break off.
  2. Chop when they are 30-80% amber bro. Dark room, fan blowing to move air around but not directly on the buds. And keep the humidity low.
  3. I put mine in a pantry hanging from hangers with a fan in the bottom just moving the air (not directly on the buds) If your buds arnt touching (I use metal wire to hang from hangers so I can position how I want them dangling) and wont touch from fan breeze dont worry about it. But id suggest just putting a fan in the bottom of wherever your drying so its moving air around but not blowing the buds around. Yes, darkness is good. My pantry door is slatted with those thin boards so light gets in half the day, but I dont care and it hasnt made any difference. They arnt in direct light.

    If your going for that type of high (100% cloudy) yes when cloudy, if not you wait for the amber. I prefer the heady high but still try to let mine get atleast 30 to 40% amber before I chop. Seems the high is better than chopping with little to no amber.

    I dry mine until when I bend a stem it makes a slight pop noise when it snaps. If you dry too long, you can put into a jar with a bud that isnt finish drying and within a few hours itll moisten everything back up, than out of the jar to cure to the correct dryness for another day or so.

    I hope this helps, im rambling.
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    ^^^^^^^ This

    I got some Purple Wreck right now 8 1/2 weeks cant find 1 Amber trich.I have a feeling they're gonna make me wait 10 weeks hehe.

    Years back when I first learned about trichomes they were saying wait till 50/50 cloudy/clear.Thankfully awhile back I figured it out.This will give you the nice long buzz.I find it helps the taste/smell a bit as well to wait that long.

    I trim before dry.Its easier,and I think it helps the taste.That may just be me though.I leave on big stems to help dry slow still,but the leaf out of the bud.I actually hand pull every one that I can grab the whole leaf.Just bend the bud apart slightly.Trim the singles,and stuff with a trimmers.

  5. thank you for the replys. whould it be a good idea to dry in the growtent. should i leave the aircooled hood going but with the light off so i have pleanty of vetilation along with the ocilating fan thats not blowing on the buds
  6. Actually neither is correct, or rather both are correct if that's what you want. You have a range of possibilities as far as when to harvest.

    As the trichomes mature they have different levels of THC and other cannabinoids. The exact timing of harvest depends on what kind of high you prefer, so there isn't a specific look of the trichomes that is the single "right" time to harvest.

    Trichs go from clear to cloudy to colored (usually amber but can be red or brown or even purple). The levels of THC peak when the trichs are mostly clear and are starting to turn cloudy. As the trichs change to cloudy and then colored, some of the THC breaks down into other cannabinoids. So...if you like a more cerebral head-high then harvest earlier and if you like a more body stone then harvest later.

    Most people harvest somewhere in the range of 75% clear / 25% cloudy all the way through 50% cloudy / 50% amber.

    As for drying, gentle ventilation is all you want, don't try to rush the drying process. Extra wind won't make the trichs fall off but it could dry the plant too fast and result in crumbly, over-dried bud and a funky taste.

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