Tribute to Kid Cudi - best rapper when high or not

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  1. Name ur favorite kid Cudi songs...
  2. excuse my mood:cool:
  3. The only song I like by him is the "09 Freestyle"

    It's got a sick beat.
  4. either mr solo dolo or pursuit of happiness which has lyrics in my sig. I always listen to pursuit of happiness whn I'm Rollin a joint. Haha
  5. His music is amazing when high. My favorite songs are: soundtrack to my life, dat new new, the prayer, maui wowie, pursuit of happiness and a few others I can remember. But yes, best rapper when high.
  6. i went to see kid cudi asher roth and BOB and it was amazing

    def reccomend that show
  7. soundtrack to my life, switchin lanes, down & out
    [ame=]YouTube - Kid Cudi - Switchin lanes[/ame]
  8. Cudi is a great rapper. Did anybody see his High Times interview?

    Whenever, 50 ways to make a record, dat new new, heart of a lion, and save my soul. Those are my favorites
  9. ^^ Switchin lanes is def one of my favorites.
    But I'm gonna have to go with Cudi Zone. That shit is real man.
    Close second would be Soundtrack 2 My Life.
    Tied for third would be Hyyer and Up Up & Away
  10. Lol all of them are my favorite i adore that man he is hands down the best rapper but if i must choose then Soundtrack 2 my life, Alive, Cudi Zone, Pursuit of Happines, and Heaven at night
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    Saw him in concert two days ago, it was awesome :cool: my ears are still ringing though

    some of my favorite songs:
    Man on the Moon, Heart of a Lion, Alive, Up Up and Away, Embrace the Martian, Down & Out, The Prayer, Soundtrack 2 My Life, "Cudderisback" freestyle
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    You serious? My favorite tracks? Down N Out, Mr. Solo Dolo, Embrace the Martian, Pursuit of Happiness, Cudi Zone, Man On The Moon, T.G.I.F, Heaven At Nite, Higher Up, Heart of a Lion, Soundtrack 2 My Life and Dat New New... just to name a few.... few. lol

    I'm one of the biggest fans you'll encounter. An original Ohio head right here... been on the dude since his notoriety was nil and his fan base was limited to middle of nowhere Ohio.

    Edit: I'm SoloDoloMan on Xbox live.
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    I know you guys will apreciate these ones.:D

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kid Cudi - Higher Up (WITH LYRICS) [HQ][/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Biggest Grinder KiD CuDi[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall - 'Man on the Moon: The End of Day' 2009 *HIGH QUALITY*[/ame]
  14. Higher up

    Reminds me of the summer, or at least when the sun was shining. Sitting in my car listening to this on top of some random ass hill smoking a joint:smoking:
  15. Dont spam with a ton of links damn, just name your favorite

    Cudi Zone is mine
  16. Is There Any Love (ft Wale) - A Kid Named Cudi (mixtape)

    Soundtrack 2 My Life, Cudi Zone, Simple As... - Man on the Moon (his first CD)

    Love Cudi ever since I found Day-n-Nite on youtube early last year.
  17. Listened to his shit too much and it kinda got old.

    Soundtrack 2 My Life and the Prayer are the only songs I really listen to now.
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    Chill man...posted them so people could get a good variety of his shit. No need to get angry.
  19. [ame=]YouTube - Guilty Simpson - Stress (produced by J Dilla)[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Blaq Poet DJ Premier - We Gonna Ill[/ame]

    Blaq, Immortal Technique, or Slug. My 3 favs.
  20. Soundtrack 2 My Life / Cudi Zone / Pursuit of Happiness / Heaven at Nite

    all his songs are awesome :D

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