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  1. Generic for Halcion. My friend gets these prescribed and gives them to me all the time. I love these little guys. I'm not really a benzodiazephine kind of guy, but i am haveing a great time with these pills as of lately.

    Anyone else like to pop these?
  2. Shieeeeet man.

    I didn't even know you could still GET ahold of Halcions.

    In fact, I haven't heard of Halcions since like the mid-eighties. :smoking:
  3. hell yeah man. he says they're old as shit, but pack a punch.

  4. HAHA! I'd say they'd HAVE to be.... Damn. Halcions. They were like the Xanax of the eighties... 'cept, like you said, pack quite the punch.
  5. yeah, i like them better than xanax because i don't black out when i take alot like i do on xanax. i do though, sometimes, but i have to take A LOT.
  6. I never take Benzo's in overly high doses

    ususally 2-4MG of Ativan or Xanax... but I wouldn't mind being able to get my hands on some Halcion.

    Kudos to you and your friend for the opportunity. :hello:
  7. goddamn if i could only get my hands on some of that id be a very happy man.

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