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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ObeyLaGanja, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Welcome all to the beginning of my wondrous journey into the world of the green miracle!

    I have done a little research in the past about growing and have picked up some knowledge from others. I do have a rough idea of things, and plan to do a CFL grow for now, until I'm able to get into better lights.

    I'm planning on building my own grow box, big enough to house to 3 beautiful mamas!

    So far, the soil i'm choosing is foxfarms ocean forest. Haven't heard any negative reviews about their pH levels. :hello:

    Going to use seeds from Ministry of Cannabis, when they open back up here next month.

    Might use 8mm fans for intake, maybe larger if is needed.

    Hope you guys join me in this adventure from seedling to bowl. :D
  2. I'd love to join you.. .but make sure you have a grow journal

    and your going to need 200 watts of CFL lighting minimum...

    it would be easier to get one of these


    this would space out your light... and give you enough wattage to grow three plants easily... and its only 200 bucks... plus the lights... I'd shop to get the HO lights it really needs.. I own two of them and their champ lights and I grow six plants with the eight bulb setup

    anyway... start a journal and shoot me a PM so i can sub

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