trials and troubles of a new grower.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DevilRed, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. So last summer was my first attempted grow. I put three seeds in the ground. One never made the first transplant, one other got flooded mid season......the third made it to within days of harvest and someone found it.

    Okay so I live and learn, season one.....learning no biggie.

    So season two (this summer) I start about 40 sprouts. The first ten I put out in what I thought was a secret spot got found early, before June. Of the next 30 I put out deer or rabbits got another good 10 of them. So im down to 20...when grasshoppers attack in late June. Two plants manage to grow with no problems while the others really get hammered and their growth is stunted.

    So now its about September. Two of my plants are (were) monsters......just huge females and beutiful! And then I have about 5 other females that are about 2.5 feet tall.

    What a kick in the ass. Today I go to my largest plant to add a little miracle grow for the last time......someone has found her and cut her off from about 8" up FUCK!!!

    Since she was a great plant I took what was left and am going to attempt to get at least one clone to take so I can save her genetics.

    So, so far season two looks like ill have a little bud, but "little" is the key word.

    Next year should be the year! I hope.
  2. At least what killed your plants was usually natural or ascertained to someone elses doing. My plants always die cos of me lol. And I got a female but it was too stressed so its making crap ass flowers....go figur! Guess ill start over AGAIN lol.

    Good luck:)
  3. You think that sucks!!??I had five beautifull plants ready to bud!So i start the flowering cycle indoors!This is my first time growing so of course i missed sexing them!I figured the odds are 50/50 right?So at least i should end up with 2 good females right?1 fucking female and she is small and weak compared to the others!I think i will take a clone or two of hers and try her out though!I figure with 4 or 5 generations she can be very powerful!Plus she is my first plant hope she does well!

  4. Experience and learning from your mistakes will pay off
  5. oh yes I have learned. Harvest a decent outdoor amount, and my indoor is a few weeks into flowering......and going GREAT!

    Mistakes suck, but you do learn from them when they cost you thousands of $$$

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