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  1. My boyfriend is a disabled veteran and heavy smoker. He collected a bunch of seeds from bags he purchased before we moved to Colorado. We decided to see what we could do with them, if anything. We don't have lighting or temp control. Nothing to make us serious growers yet, but I thought I would ask and see what everyone thinks about the plants so far. It's winter and too cold to take them out side, but we keep them under light and near a window. Any suggestions? I started them from seeds in a napkin and had to nurse the odd looking one to get it going.We just use potting soil and coffee grounds atm, but plan on getting some good soil to transplant soon. They've been growing for at least a few weeks since being planted in soil. I'd say they're a month old? Ideas on what they might be or how they're growing? Thanks everyone. I'm just a farmer, not a big grower.
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  2. No way to tell what they are yet. I'd cover up the clear plastic, roots don't like light. And cut some holes in the bottom.. Plants don't like soggy soil . You should also goto you hydroponic store and buy some veg nutrients and start at 1/4 suggested strength
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  3. And get your soil from a hydroponic store. They heat it to kill the pests mold and bugs. And talk to the people at the store. They'll be able to set you up
  4. False information.
  5. Then goto home depot and msg me in when your 6 weeks into flower. They do treat soiless mixes at hydro stores
  6. Thank you. I had already put drain holes in the plastic. Although, didn't know about covering it up. I'm just amazed they've made it as far as they have. I'll be getting some good soil and looking into nutrients. I've been doing coffee laced water once a week for feeding atm. They seem to like it. And, yeah, I'll be getting some gravel for the top as a just in case measure for bugs.
  7. Bad soil and constantly soggy will breed bugs. Just water when the cup starts to get pretty light compared to after you water it. Lift the cup you'll be able to tell when it needs water
  8. Gotcha. Well, good to know they don't look too bad for unknown bag seeds. Although, the one is growing pretty weird with the leaves not being serrated on one side. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
  9. Here's a great resource for you.
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  10. Thanks Buzzer777
  11. Well, transplanted the babies into some larger pots. They look like they're doing pretty good. Haven't started any nutes yet. They're about 2 months old from seed now. 2 of them are showing signs of getting sex markers. But, still too young to see which. One definitely looks like a Sativa. The leaves are super long. I hope they get taller though. Only about 3-5 inches. That's eyeballing, I haven't actually measured. At least they look fairly healthy and strong. Only took them 2 days to recover after the transplant.
  12. Here they are.

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  13. They look like they are off to a nice start. You could have buried the stems a bit more so only the top of the plant is poking out but that's no biggie. Also make sure the lights are the correct hight over the plants they may need to be a just ed taller as she grows.

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