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  1. anyone smoked or made a cross joint or cross blunt
  2. Please elaborate
  3. Sigh... I really, REALLY wish you kids would learn to use the search button before posting a thread that's been done a thousand times...
  4. Smoked this last saturday

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  5. Smoked two, it was fun to smoke, both got me really high
  6. Nuget iin a biscut
  7. ummm... how is a cross joint or a cross blunt a trifecta? learn what the word is before you try using it. When in Rome....
  8. [ame=]Cross Joint - YouTube[/ame]

    Be enlightened about the trifecta of joint smoking power in the first minute
  9. i've rolled 2 cross joints before and they are cool as hell but probably a bigger waste than regular joints.
  10. ah ha! gotcha... well.. when in rome..

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