tri chamber bubbler

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  1. check it outttttttt. :smoke:

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  2. Honestly it looks like the glass work is a little shoddy, but as long as it hits well!
  3. It hits real smooth.
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    Hell yeah then. Have you had to clean it yet?
  5. I haven't cleaned it completely, but usually and I can get a ton of huge resin balls out of it when I refill the water.
  6. ewwww clean it
  7. seen a couple of those at stay glassy (a lhs), i dont really like non-diffused downstems though. i made that mistake with my first bub, and havnt made it again. you need to clean that shit dawg :p

    i would like one of those triple chambers just for lulz though
  8. Yeah it would be better with 3 diffused stems in it, and it does need to be cleaned. It still doed the job with the 3 non diffused stems though.
  9. duh fuck? It's like having a third ball.

    :cool: though.


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