tri-branch nodes??

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  1. i have a 4 week old white widow Looking very healthy.but ive noticed sumthing i thnk is kinda cool.all of the lateral branching and the actual cola grow regular 2 branches out of every node.but one of the lateral branches towards the top happens to have three branches all stickn out at each node on the branch.sry 4 bad description pics will help hopfully.

    neways i was wondering if this is common and wat wud happen if i choppd this branch and cloned it.cud be very interesting. i think it wud have triple the budsites maybe because each branch has its own internodes as well!!

    regular branching-


    ONE branch on my plant

  2. start LSTing it, you will have so many tops.....and yes bredding could be interesting.
  3. 4 real i thought about that.but im really curious about cloning the lil girl.cud make some new genetics with MORE budsites.hmm cud be dangerous lol
  4. Yes LST/ fimming it would create ALOT of growing tips and yes I would breed her and try to see if that trait shows up again. I have seen this a few times myself, as far as a mother plant this would be a bonus. Good Luck

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