Trey and Dave go to Africa

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Phloydrix, May 9, 2004.

  1. There was a cool special on VH1 about Trey Anastasio and Dave Matthews goin down to Senegal to play with Orchestra Baobob. Baobob was great- theyre own stuff, and they also did Bouncin' Round the Room (Phish). I think I might get me-self an Orchestra Baobob cd.. interestin stuff..
  2. I saw this last night too :) its on again, check the listings ( has additional listings) I suggest watch it, its very cool..theres one part they go to a soccer match. and throughtout the stadium there are numerous groups of people all painted up banging away at drums, all at the same time, with the stadium packed you can just feeel the energy in that place! very very cool. south africa is on my place to travel now, soccer match, a must!
    and the language barrier, dispite that, they sat down with musicians and jammed away! catch it if you can!
  3. bump bump bummmmmp :) its on tomorrow night people. very cool show. watch it! :)

    (pssst VH1 8pm toooosday)
  4. 8 pm tuesday, sounds like a plan!

    I was watching the videos on and they had the one for Damn Lucky, and its really really good, made me want to go to Africa.

    thanks guys!
  5. i saw some of that, its pretty cool, it would kick ass to sit and drink and smoke and just jam with all those guys
  6. lol Dave was either drunk or high the entire trip it seemed ;p

  7. ahhh, i love Dave! every time i see him (seen him 3 times) live he is either drunk or high. and every time i see him I am either drunk or high!
  8. hell yeah, at the break before the encore the entire band gets loaded and comes out to play the last few songs its awesome

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