Trey Anastasio and Phish

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  1. Personally, I think phish is the greatest jam band oF alltime, I have other Favorite musicians, but in that genre, Phish rules them all.

    What do you guys think oF Trey and What about the rumors oF phish maybe getting together For a reunion or something?

    also whats your Fav. phish song to blaze to? Mines Silent in the Morning
  2. dont listen to phish at all, but i almost got to jam with Trey believe it or not...
  3. Wrong section but i LOVE phish. I agree that they're one of the greatest jam bands of all time, their live album Slip, Stitch, and Pass is by far one of their greatest. Almost every song on it is amazing, and the musicianship and the way the band can jam so tightly together live is absolutely mind blowing. I'm praying that they'll get back together.
  4. ahhhhh yes thank god someone will some good taste in music... I saw trey play in 05' in utica,ny and mike and john showed up it was pretty fucking sweet I also know they got together at rothbury I mean john,mike and trey has anything seen page meet up with everyone?
  5. phish is so jammin!! i would fight an old grandma to go see a phish show! theres been rumors of phish getting back together since shortly after they broke up....
  6. I love Phish. Loooong time fan here.

    The first show I ever went to was Phish in 1992 and I've seen them many times since.

    I just heard today that they might be getting back together. I will travel any distance to see them again.

    Hmmm... favorite song?? SO hard to choose. Junta is, and always will be, my favorite of their studio albums, but I have tons and tons of old bootlegs that are so good.

    David Bowie, Fee, AC/DC Bag, Cavern, Wilson, Guyute..... (I could go on and on)
  7. Yea I kno the rumors have been going around but since Trey has gotten outa jail hes said that he never realized how much he missed jamming with the guys. To quote him " I would give my leFt nut to play I enjoy MyshelF 5 times a day"
  8. i'm not a fan of phish.

    in my highschool [i'm in college now], there were always two groups of stoners:

    1) those who liked sublime and RHCP
    2) those who liked Phish and Dave Matthews

    i liked sublime and rhcp :)
  9. I like phish and RHCP the most out of those 2 o.o
  10. I love all four of those bands haha
  11. I really so hope that they get back together, I've been hoping for a long time, but I don't think I am going to hold my breath. Although it is nearly impossible for any Phan to give a favorite song, I'll go out on a limb and say YEM and Tweezer Reprise (ironically limb by limb is good).
  12. ya I think most people that like one of those bands prolly like all of them im not much of a dave fan tho :( dave matthews DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP:p
  13. "Farmhouse" is relaxin
  14. Best blazin song is the weekapaug groove! although I love just about everything they've done.

    I've got every live/studio album they ever released... its one hell of a collection.

    As for a reunion it could potentially happen. I just read some stuff that Mike is wanting to do one, but thats after his solo venture is finished with..

    As for Trey, he has supposedly been using his time to write songs, and has about 10-15 new songs written. He says he'd give anything to go out there and play YEM again..

    I cant wait for this reunion

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