Tress are weird

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  1. Like, you put this small ass seed in the ground, wait a bit and it turns into a huge trunk in the ground with smaller trunks branching off it. It's crazy shit

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  2. Tress is cray cray.
  3. On the real, it is pretty fucking mind blowing how this little dry ass crunchy snack thing(seed) can come to life with a few drops of water and morph into whatever the fuck it grows into.
    It's some mind blasting shit when you really think of it......  ahhhhh..... the mystery of life.
  4. No Tress Zone, No Tress Zone. 
  5. That's cool? Well according to science the whole visible universe was smaller than that at one point.
  6. Have you ever looked through thermal optics... You know the heat sensing stuff cops use to find crops...
    Trees are actually warmer then the cool surroundings .. They glow in thermal optics.. So do growing buds.. Brighter even then the plant ...
    Yah ok I'm a nerd.. But it's true.

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  7. know whats really weird? hummingbirds
  8. Lmao :laughing: they're really just floating 3" pods that suck nectar all day and smash their beaks into trees. sounds like an amusing thought to think of while smacked
    Imagine the speed of their nervous system which allows them to flap at such a high pace.
  10. they have robotic wings, technology given by the aliens. same technology they gave the egyptians for the pyramids
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