Trepanation... kind of disturbing.

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  1. things people do when there bored, play video games, clean up, screw holes in there heads
  2. fuck dude, that's some scary shit
  3. hmmmm, that is some weird stuff, wonder if its true or if its some crack pot theory
  4. As of right now, I'm high. And that was the most un-doubtedly scary thing I have ever read/seen. I could NEVER, EVER, do that. Wow.. just wow, that IS disturbing.

  5. "If you smoke marijuana daily, then stop, you get better dream recollection", or something of the sorts, lol.
  6. It is a real procedure, and I would not doubt the authenticity of the article. It is on BME's website, which is a respectable body-mod site thats been around for a long time.
    Although I like BME and body modding, that most certainly does not change my opinion that anyone who tries trepanation has to be a little bat-shit insane.
  7. ok i had to stop reading that...i was too high and then my head started tingling so it freaked me out.
  8. Thats the dumbest thing you could do to yourself.:confused:
  9. umm... wow...

    the sad thing is.. its most likley all a placebo effect. this is kinda scarry. the fact there are crazies otu there wou will do this shit in their friends basement... im really quite freaked out right now...
  10. damn those picsgave me ghoosbumps, freaky ass shit creeps me out just thinking about it
  11. That pretty much DEFINES placebo effect...
  12. just think of how much bud he coulda bought with the money he spent on that....i wonder how much it cost
  13. i'll go get it done just to spite you all :D
 i fucking won't but still it would be amazing if it really worked
  14. That thing creeps me out.
    When I was younger I had a dream that I would get constant sinus infections, so my parents took me to a childrens hospital; the walls, ceiling, everything was white. There were kids in wheelchairs, some very insane looking children; all small and twitchy. A lot of them had bandages around their heads and made gurgling noises.
    Anywayas, to heal my chronic sinus infections, the procedure the doctors were going to use was to drill into my skull at random places. I woke up terrified (note: I was probably about 6-8 at this time.)
    Now just the thought of it makes me really weak-kneed, be it real or just a hoax.
  15. wow that is F-ed up, i never did get the point of doing that tho
  16. Thats the most fucked up thing I ever seen in my life.

    "When I take in much caffeine or THC, I feel flashes of heat from within my head. They happen in different parts of my head each time, always on top, but never by the hole itself. The first time it happened, when I was in a car with a friend, pulling a big bong hit, I started to feel the heat in my head and I heard a squirt sound inside my head. At first, I silently panicked (what's the past tense of panic?). I thought to myself, "Am I having a hemorrhage in the brain or something? Is the sensation about to get more intense in general? Am I OK?", but then it passed and I was fine. I still feel the heat in the head sensations now, very regularly, and sometimes now even when not smoking pot or drinking coffee. I've not heard a squirt like that again since then though."
  17. "It should be called a ritual with magical intent. The intention to renew and recharge your perception of life, your energy, and your consciousness."


    or you could just eat mushrooms and not have a hole in your skull duh.
  18. All I have to say is who the, What the , how the fuck........ O.K. that is a little strange,but aren't we all... JOE>

    P.S. I would not do that shit with someone elses head.... FUCK MAN!

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