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"Trendy" Music

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by x4evrcuz, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So I am not looking to bash anyone's taste in music but I have a serious question:

    Do people who listen to modern "punk" or singers like lady gaga or this new kid Justin Bieber legitimately enjoy this music or are they caught up in wanting to be part of what's in style?
  2. any musician in their right mind understands that lady gaga, is a dancer... so wtf is she doing singing, and if justin whatever the fuck is so popular...that he has to sit behind a glass fucking wall at his shows, but he is only like 14, he needs to be offed.
  3. Some people are just too dumb to realize how shallow and meaningless pop music is. It sucks, but they don't know any better.
  4. Nobody has the right to discredit an artist unless that artist has plagiarized or copied in some way, sure someone can be unoriginal, but if somebody enjoys their music, they then have a reason to create it. But, producing has become a more greedy business, which neglects originality or experimentation, and is necessary for people to see every dimension of emotion evocation music really has to offer.

  5. or like if you make a music video that is entirely consisted of ads for products, like lady gaga hahahahha I saw carrot top in vegas, mother fucker ripper gaga a new asshole
  6. That's true, generally "selling-out" also
  7. So it's not because people enjoy then, it's because producers just produce it? Or is it they produce because people want it? Trying to answer my original question I guess.
  8. They produce what they think will sell, bottom line. Until someone is bold and puts something different out there, the industry will continue down the safe path of generic beats and auto-tuned vocals. Maybe once someone puts something quality out there and proves that people still want to hear artists with a guitar and a real voice, the producers might begin to stray away from the Miley Cyrus's, but I wouldn't count on that happening.......

    Why is that? Nobody wants to hear a guitar anymore. They want the poppy, fast paced beats that they have become accustomed to. Simple guitar and raw vocals bore people now. They need the "catchy" Justin Bieber jingles, becausen their ignorance prevents them from accepting anything else.
  9. The only people I know who go along with that shit are girls and gay guys. I mean are you really that stupid to let the itunes top ten choose your music for you?
  10. It really isn't that hard for someone well versed in musical production to figure out what people will and will not bob their head to. Think about it, how many "top 40" songs do you hear, and despise, but cannot deny the catchiness? Happens to me all the time, and I know they do it on purpose.

    Personally, I love music that takes chances, and people that share their craft for the simple love of it. Not to sell records or get the pre-teens shaking their asses on the (school gym) dance floor.
  11. Not every person likes to what you do, get the fuck over it. Pop music is made to be catchy, obviously people will like it. It doesn't matter if it's generic, if it sounds good people will listen to it. Stop bitching about this.

  12. Ahh. Those 7th grade dances, when all the chaperone's went on coffee break, and the dj started playing the new 2 Live Crew records. Good times:hello:

  13. It's interesting how I can say my intent wasn't to talk down on people's tastes I was simply wondering if it's genuine enjoyment or just trendy acceptance. Fuck off buddy.
  14. trendy wanker piss me off, so does their music.

    this is my intellectual input for this thread :)
  15. Wasn't aimed at you, sorry if you took it that way. It angers me when people call others ignorant or stupid for not like certain music when it's exactly what they're doing.

    As for your original question, I think it's genuine enjoyment. Imo if they didn't actually like it they wouldn't listen to it.
  16. Ah ok. My bad. I can say I am guilty when it comes to telling people their music sucks but I try not to.

    I guessed it must be enjoyment but these bands come and go and it seems some people's tastes change with what's in.
  17. Absolutely. A lot of people just take what is presented to them and told to be good music and roll with it.
  18. This is going to sound like such a hipster comment, but I have respect for any artist who does their thing and enjoys making/performing music. I'm not going to shit on any artist/band just because their music is considered trendy. However, I have very little respect for artists who hate the music their playing and allow the record labels to work them into a mold. How can you sell something that you don't support?
    Sure, certain music makes me want to curb stomp a baby, but hey, do what you do.

    Examples of music that makes me want to curb stomp a baby (in no particular order):
    1. Owl City
    2. All Time Low
    3. Asher Roth
    4. Kanye West
    5. Killswitch Engage
    6. Anything that people call emo which actually isn't emo. Emo has been dead since the 90's, maybe even the early 2000's.
    7. Anything that people call screamo which actually isn't screamo.
    8. Metalcore

    There's a lot more, I just don't feel like thinking.

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