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    Will trellis netting stop it from strecthing too much? I have 3 more week to veg. I want to see if there is anyway to make it so it wont touch my hoophouse. I tryed lsting but it seem to get wider and wider , should i just cut some stem off?

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  2. thats what the netting if for, wrap it up in it. I use cordage , garden twine and hold back big plants of all kinds with it. Even bird netting will work.
  3. ok so i can just wrap it, its not like scrog right? So what if the branch stretch through. Should i wrap again?
  4. yup just weave it in and out, make all ur tops level out.
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  5. should i make a square netting?
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    will this work? My plant have too many small nodes.

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  7. yea the netting is flimsy when its rope but it'll work if pulled tight and that way you can move your buds in and out easier without ripping them....i made one just like it.
    yea your plant does maybe make a very small one but me honestly would wait until it got a little bigger because your growing outdoors anyway from the look of it.  There gonna get extremely huge.....looks like your in the south.
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    im in north cali, so should i take it off and put it back on when its about to flower? Without the net it would be almost a foot taller lol so i had to bend some of the stem. I havent put it on my otger one its more bigger then the one i just netted.

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  9. yea just put it on alot later and your able to grow outside now...unless your gonna bring it in the house your gonna have all the way up until like october....but try to train it some put some stakes down and swing some branches out or it'll get hard later...but its no real reason to train outdoors.  You should get pounds off that by october.
  10. When I scrog I use 1'x1' chicken wire, or 'cage wire' as it's called at Lowe's. That stuff is great if you have a bunch of small shoots, real easy to maintain.
  11. the only reason i didnt want to to stretch more in flower becuase it might touch the top of my hoophouse.i might lst the other one more if it get taller, just that it might get wider and wider lol, have to cralw under just to water it.also im going to flower it by the end of this month adding 2 hr light supplement becuase its 10hr still. It will be done arohnd april, and the next batch already veghing so the daylight should be good by then and force flower it on may.
  12. Any kind of net or cage will expose nodes to light which don't typically get it. The plant will grow a bit bushier, but that also depends on whether you decide to top them.
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  13. thats perfect for now......but when it get bigger be careful and change it......make sure you can get em in and out....might take awhile 
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    its been top to make clone, been vegging for 5 month. Sould i top some more?
  15. If you want!
    Depends on if you want to keep taking clones from her. The bushier and larger the plant, the more clones you'll be able to take, more often.
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  16. he's right but if you want some height then let her grow up a can clip her tops to the point where she bush out so much she hangs on the grown....its up to you, but let her grow up some if you want her a little taller.
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  17. ^He is also correct.
    What you can do as well is to top some shoots and not others. The untopped shoots will continue growing in that trajectory, and topped ones will bush out, once they recover.
  18. If you have 3 more weeks of veg, start cutting. Strip every branch down to one node and remove the node at the end of the branch. It will take the plant a week to really recover from that. leave the leaves, just take off the new branches that shoot out the base of every leaf. Essentially you can keep "topping" a plant as many times as you want and if you only leave one node, it just slows the plant down. I always over-veg my pants because you can always take branches off, you cant add them.

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