TreeTop's Foray into the Indoor Forest - Full Auto Perpetual Grow!

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  1. Hey GC community! Been a long-time followed and lurker, reading up and getting to know from all the best!

    Just want to quickly introduce myself - I'm an avid botanical lover, seeking a degree for it even. I've tried growing a few times, but had many hindrances or just shit for luck. Bud Rot, Security, Males ( ARGH! :mad: ) ... But I've done a lot of research, followed some grow journals, and have much trial and error - I'm ready for a killer crop:D

    The basics:

    Indoor 4x4x8high tent
    600 Watt HPS
    Vortex active inline fan bringing in fresh cool air
    Soil - I make my own mixture (FF Ocean Forest, FF LightWarrior, ProMix, Worm Castings)
    Oil Radiator Style Space Heater
    Fan to circulate within the tent

    Everything is timed. Fan comes on in spurts as needed, and is not on much while plants are sleeping - this is to keep temps from dropping too low.

    Growing in a basement, I've an abundant supply of cold fresh air.. so keeping temps. high is my issue, and I'd rather have that than keep them low. :)

    Heater is on a timer as well, comes on 30 minutes before the HPS goes off, to warm up, and goes off before the light comes back on. My main goal in this project is simplicity - I want it to be automated, I just want to relax with the plants :)

    Plants run on a 20/4 light schedule, and temperatures average around 85 degrees lights on, and 70-75 lights off. *I'm experimenting with the cold air fan timer during lights off, maybe to only a few minutes once or two, to keep temps higher - say 75-78.

    Now to the goodies!

    5 x Greenhouse Seed Co. - Green-o-Matic
    5 x Sweet Seeds - Big Devil
    1 x Lowryder Seeds - Diesel Ryder

    On the way - Auto AK seeds, and EasyRyder(if I can find it)

    Why I picked them? I came across the Green-o-Matic this past summer as a little festival... "green crack" was it's nickname, knew right away what it was. Delicious! As for the Big Devil, it looked good and had good reviews, plus seems to yield decent - we shall see!

    The Diesel Ryder was a must, I was only able to buy a single(not a 5 pack for some odd reason).. so that will do for now :)

    ** Oh, by the way, these are ALL female. Not fucking with any male plants ever again! LOL:mad:**

    This is going to be a multi post update, as the 5 Green-o-Matic seeds were received/started before other arrived.

    As more beans arrive the plan is to continue trekking on, with a 2 week/etc period between crops eventually. So let's see where this ends up - I'm stoked!:smoke:

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  2. Update - 3 Days into Green-o-matic plants being placed into soil:

    4 of the 5 seeds popped a significant taproot, the 5th only popping out a smaller smidgen.

    Of the 4 planted, 2 took off significantly, the 3rd a slow bloomer, and the 4th seemed stuck in it's shell but popped ground. This one with the shell intact still, look as this it was cracking, trying to get off, so I gave it a little assistance.

    A few pictures below :)

    -- I didn't mention in my first post, but I'm an outdoors guy. This indoor thing is new, but I have a good feeling. So ultimately, this will allow for the early growth indoors of my outdoor strains to be moved then after frost :D

    Next post I'll include a few pictures of the outdoor scene, it's never too early ;)

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  3. Sheesh! I don't know about you other, but we had a gnarly storm here recently! Ice, Snow.. but I love hiking with nature at it's finest.

    I was able to make a little hike up to one of my mountains, my "treetops" if you will ;), and burn a nice relaxing J before the storm. Checked on a few areas for traffic/changes - and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Will make an update with some pictures of this little plot then!

    Last night however I got to visit another area I've been scouting. P-P-P-erfecttt! It's a train-track/farm field edge, adjoined by a large creek - with a massive marshy bog swamp type area and pond about 2 miles inward. No easy trek, but that's the point ;)

    I've found what I'm going to call, the Peninsula of Pot:D That will be for the outdoor journal, and I'll get daytime pics up tomorrow when I visit back. I was only able to snap a few shots before it got real bad.. not trying to ruin a camera! Better pictures will come.

    4 feet deep of briars/thorns, then bog, then some land.. perfect! I'm an outdoorsman at heart, this indoor journal is a little hobby and preparation for the summer:)

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  4. ya the storm was absolute horseshit, nice pics, the scenery has to be relaxing. nice setup you got going, do you use hps only??
  5. Whoa! Sorry for the mass updates... not! Sorry guys, had some computer issues/time restraints while running this first crop.

    Pictures of the entire process are uploading tonight and I'll put up here tomorrow! 3 of 4 Green Crack plants have been harvested and are drying as I write this.

    Also whipped up some delicious isohash - did three different grades. Yummay in my tummy!

    Look for the pics of grow process/harvest/bud shots tomorrow! :D It was a smashing success! And numbers will come too!

    By the way, who else is PUMPED for outdoors... only a few more weeks here now. Been busy getting plots ready to get a jump start this year.
  6. Okay so things have come to a halt on the wonderful little green rack ride.. Harvested a few day early due to timing issues, but these babies turned out astounding, and gave me more than I expected - which was none. :hello: - not in indoor type, prefer the great outdoors ;)

    Anywho - sorry for the lack of updates/pictures, so the next few posts will be quick rundowns of the growth throughout. As of now, they are sitting in several little jars curing away, with a little lemon peel inside :)

    Some veg shots!

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  7. Thanks mate :) I also use a 125 watt blue spectrum cfl. Forget the name.

    Like to start the younglings under the blue spectrum up close - which traces of the red-hps as well. I believe both spectrums are vital to strong growth. :)
  8. Thanks mate :) I also use a 125 watt blue spectrum cfl. Forget the name.

    Like to start the younglings under the blue spectrum up close - which traces of the red-hps as well. I believe both spectrums are vital to strong growth. :)
  9. So - during the harsh winter up here in the Northeast, we lost some power for a few days... eek:confused: - - Plants were stunted, but recovered well. ** I think a backup generator would be a good investment? Or a solar panel? Both cheap "diy"-able tactics.

    Decided to upgrade the interior grow space to custom built tables - each table containing draining slots leading to holes, and lines with reflective mylar material. Now when I flush - right into a big bucket below :metal:

    Also ordered some more seeds.. the next lineup.. more on this later:mad:

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  10. So as for those seeds.. Short Stuff Himalaya Blue Diesel ... big thumbs down. Costly, had high expectations... and only 1 popped from seed.

    And trust me.. I didn't EFF that up. Slightly most towel, baggie, darkness, etc.. I've gotten that down pat. Then, I even took the seeds that didn't pop and rough them up a little with nail file and matchbox.. changed cloth - still nothing after 17 or so days.. Anyone have experience with this strain???

    As for the one that did pop.. it didn't even take off from soil, and simply died. Didn't bury too deep, water too much etc. Plus, after it all, pushing the seeds a little they cracked... So.. Seems like they were old or something?


    More pics!!!!

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  11. wow that sucks , id recommend onyx or afghan kush ryder

    keep us updated
  12. I'm surethere will be more comments when I put up the bud porn right? ;)

    Will get to that today/tomorrow. Right now I'm darting around the country for my solar degree program for my bachelors. Sitting in sunny charlotte on a big solar field lined by tobacco.

    78 and sunny? Damn I need to move here!
  13. As promised - some bud porn ;)

    I apologize for the lack of updates in this little grow log, didn't have much time to keep up with it. However! I will be starting my outdoors grow thread here shortly with a boat load of awesome goodies :)

    Time for Harvest shots!!!

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  14. A few more pictures of the trimming/hanging/harvesting process :)

    For just 3 small autoflowering plants, I was more than pleased with the results. I went into it expecting nothing, which meant if anything came through I'd be happy:D

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  15. And the results.....

    Wet weight after cutting - 8.57 ounces

    Dry weight after three weeks - 4.1 ounces!

    Stoked!! Of course I was very sad to see it shrink so much, but I knew this was coming. No big deal ;) I'm happy with it, beyond happy actually.

    I also decided to whip up some hashish from the leaves and trim... yummay yummay yummay! Unfortunately I don't have a bubble bag set yet (will be purchasing a bag set for the summer/fall harvest!!!) so I went with the iso-hash method.

    I will say, I was able to produce several different qualities by using multiple strainers and doing multiple washes of the green goop:cool:

    Let me know what you guys think!

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  16. And that's all she wrote... for now ;) Outdoor season is just around the corner, and I've got a killer lineup ready.

    I still have several Big Devil, Diesel Ryder, and a Green Crack yet to be harvested - looking to do so right around 4/20... great timing, eh? hahahah :D

    Hopefully I can get some feedback from you guys! Luck was on my side this time and everything worked out, I'm thrilled. I've been curing them, burping daily of course, and have some lemon peel in with them as well to add some even more citrus delicious to it.

    I swear, when I open the damn jars in the mornings my whole fucking house smells of fruit! hahah
  17. hell yeah man that looks pretty tasty. what were the pics of the gallon jugs cut in half?? were they over the plant to produce humidity?? only thing i could think of.. and thats a pretty sweet indoor setup. see ya at 7 lol

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