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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bigbass, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Ok, I think this is my first post here but I'm not new to growing. My crop was eaten by deer this year despite pissing around my plants and cutting some of my buddys hair to hang. Also there are wildlife commision people around the woods looking for illegal hunting that could see the crop.

    Anyways, anybody ever grown or know anything about growing in trees. There's a book I'll probly order off amazon called "grow invisible marijuana and mushrooms" or something. I'm thinking pullys and platforms would work. Anybody got any advice?
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  3. I've heard of people doing it but haven't done it myself. I was watching Discovery channel or something the other day and this dude was on there with 30 year old hanging ferns (hanging baskets in trees) and thought, whoa one of those big hanging baskets could be alot of fun :)

    seriously though, when i consider growing in trees i'm always concerned that the plants won't be able to get enough light through the tree foliage. that would make it really not worth the work to climb, come back to water, set up pulleys etc IMHO.

    I'm def also interested in hearing from people who have actually been successful at this
  4. Theres a THREAD here on a guy GROWIN bud in trees.

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