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trees or rocks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phire420, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Going to my local club tomorrow, which do you guys think would last longer? 3 grams of high grade hash ($75), or a quarter of a named strain ($85)? I typically smoke a quarter a week, do you guys think I can make 3 grams of hash last that long, only smoking straight hash bowls out of my spoon? Normally I just dome all my bud through my Phire 2 footer.
  2. I mean I love hash and all but I don't really enjoy smoking it alone. I mean I get BLITZED, but I prefer to have herb to mix it with.

    For that reason, maybe an eighth of named and 1-1.5g of hash?
  3. Hash is always nice, but whats to say your gonna smoke the whole quarter at your concert, you may have left overs = After concert blunt, WHOOOPIEE
  4. i dont think he said anything about a concert lol
  5. you bring a spoon with hash to clubs??
  6. Bud always last me longer, because if I have some hash I just cant stop smoking it. It is so amazing.

  7. Stoner moment to the max, HAHA concert...Hes going to a club.
  8. he means his bud club... a place where u can buy mj for "medical" reasons
  9. Big LOL to all the heads that thought his reference to "club" was to the social establishments.

    and i agree with whoever said it, get some weed and hash. if you dont want both for some reason, then just get the bud. smoking hash only gets old after the second day.
  10. get half and half :)

    always best move if you cant seem to make up your mind on what you want

  11. I didn't know that was how it worked hahah. Around here we don't have anything like that kind of stuff. :(

    Sounds cool though.
  12. 1/8th of Dank & a gram of hash!
  13. rocks haha I thought you meant crack
  14. i thought the same thing for a sec:)
    HALF/HALF straight up
  15. go with the bud, idk if uve ever smoked hash before, smoking it by itself straight up for like a week straight gets kinda old, its just the flavor of it idk its hard to explain
  16. I have smoked has for weeks on end, I can never get bored of the taste. I buy my THC supply one a week, usually a quarter each time. I was thinking about getting 3 grams of good hash this time around, rather than a quarter. I know a quarter will last me a week of moderate smoking, but will 3 grams of hash? To give you an idea of how much, and how often I smoke, I usually just smoke .2g snaps out of my bong, throughout each day. When I have hash, I'll just pack a fat bowl in my spoon, and take hits from it throughout the day, packing more as needed. Do you guys think the hash will last me the week?
  17. u can do the math man, see exactly how much weed u smoke a day, if u smoke 7 grams a week that means 1 gram a day, and 3 grams of hash in 7 days meaning u smoke .4 grams of hash a day. will .4 grams of hash get u equally blitzed as 1 gram of weed?

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