Trees man.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JustinEy, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone else look at tree's and go "Man.. that tree looks like a nice ass bud"
  2. I always see super lemon haze looking bud, or a white strain
  3. If only it were true.... Well that would be just dandy.. :smoke:
  4. i always wondered like you know, back in the funky historical times like the jurassic whatnot, the ferns were fucking huge....i wonder if there were like monster weed plants back then....
  5. i think pine trees look like the best bud
  6. I was doing that yesterday haha
  7. No, but sometimes I look at my bud and say, " Thats a nice-ass Tree."
  8. I paint Happy Trees man, fucking Happy Trees!
  9. le plus de rep....:smoke:
  10. Trees, you said?
  11. yup.
    I remember i was looking at a forest of pine tree's and i go "man if those pine tree's were buds, i'd start a forest fire right now":smoke:
  12. sometimes when high i look at all the trees and bushes and think that theyre all nugs just different sizes, some denser than others lol:smoke:
  13. haha and I thought that was just me
  14. WTF??????!!!!!!!!!

    You think this shit grows on trees????????!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, wait.....................

    Never mind.;)

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