tree's dude.

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by nesdunkisfunk, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. i went into the country last night with my friend to go chill or whatever.and new jersey where i am isnt exact;y known for its beauty but the trees in the country,dude.

    they were so beautiful.i was riding in the car jealous of all the people with trees in their yards.and im sure those people wake up every day and dont appreciate it.

    the things you realize and appreciate on pot haha.

    i love trees.
  2. yeah the country is a lot nicer than the city imo. im in michigan, and i live in a pretty rural area. where i can ride my four wheeler to the store, its very nice, and i appreciate every bit of it.

    i couldnt imagine paying 300k+ for a house that has two neighbors in reaching distance.
  3. DUDE THAT'S SICK!!! I WOULD LOVE TO RIDE A FOUR WHEELER AROUND AND TO THE STORE! YES I LOVE TREES 2, I Have 1 tree in my yard and some bushes lol, but I have a nice view of many trees, even a WILLOW TREE THAT I'M LOOKING AT RIGHT NOW! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS NATURE IS! :)
  4. we are naturally in connection with nature and the universe.

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