Treehouse grow in Florida!

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    this is my first grow. so wish we luck happy comments only plz!

    planted april 28 or sum shit.

    these are pics from august 6

    1 master kush
    1 super skunk
    1 country kush (strain from my dad idk wat it is)
    1 good lookin sativa
    1 unknown lady
    couple mid grade

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  2. nice lookin plants just chilling up there.
  3. these two are my big ones! the left is super skunk and the one on the right im not sure about. possibly a white widow but idk.

    a while ago i had a male. either a permafrost or a purp. idk but it came outta know where while i was off. cant tend my crops every day =/

    so my shit had some seeds but im sure they are going to be great next grow =] purp n super skunk?? or permafrost n super skunk? either one sounds great to me!

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  4. thanks yo!!
  5. *laughing*

    Treehouse! Very cool - and funny.

    My only concern is all of the shade that I am seeing?

    Good luck!

  6. Damn bro where is FL are you?? I would deff make a road trip for some good weed when it is time to harvest.
  7. Best place for a grow op ever award presented to you good sir.

  8. shade was my concern to.

    so i got a hand saw and climbed that fucking tree lol
    it made a big difference. but the sunlight seems to be enough and my babies are growing

    thanks for all the great responses!!!!! =]
  9. Good luck withe the grow man :) keep them healthy
  10. thanks everyone.
    im usingg eathjuice grow n bloom.

    thiningg about getting some humboltd supplies like purple max snowstorm and/oor gravity.

    any thoughts??
  11. Beautiful grow op! +Rep!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. lol in the bay area!
  13. Damn I come some fam in clear water lol.
  14. i love clearwater! i go to the beaches there all the timee!
  15. Hell yeah man it is awesome, but I wasnt kidding about that harvest time let me know and I will get some :)
  16. lol alright we'll work sumtin out
  17. Ight man just hit me up.

  18. this is my master kush plant. topped once or twice!

    she had lil buds on her. :yay:

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  19. these are picstures of my super skunk and my other unknown strain. super skunk is on the left in the 2 pictures that have 2 plants in it. it is also the last pic that im holdin in my hand! =]

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  20. My sativa. im not sure what it is. i did a little LST on it during veg. starting to flower. bout a week or so into flowering.

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