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Tree prices! half O, and wholes...question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ayyee so im gonna be in a diff. city for 4/20 this year, and im savin up the weed money jar (at about a half O according to these prices) ive seen an O before (didnt have enough to buy it) and smoked a half(just put in on it, never found out the total or id wouldnt be asking this question!) with some friends, and honestly both are a ridiculous amount of bud and im willing to get which ever i have enough for 4/20..Anyways i got a couple connects in the city and they been sayin like 215 220 for the half and 415 420 for the O..being from a state that isnt MJ those prices sound about right? (its all gonna be some kind of strains with names/dank/loud/fire whateva ya wanna call it by the way! I dont touch the mids lol)..but yea some one let me know! im not trynna get ripped off and dealers get funny when it comes to buying larger amounts
  2. $215 for a half is pricey. $415 for an O is even pricier. You're pretty much getting zero discount for buying twice as much in quantity.

    I guess it all depends on where you come from and the quality of the weed.
  3. 170 is top price for me never gunna go over that unless I'm out of town a half o of kind buds in my town is 120 Canada ftw
  4. That's a damn rip-off. Never pay more than 175 for a Half and 350 for an O for the BEST bud you can find. Even on the east coast.
  5. yea thats what i was thinking..350 I can do, me cheap but breakin 400 for some bud just sounded crazy..naw but thanks all who responded..Im just gonna tell em I "know" some one who will do it for like 360 and one of em will def. drop the price to 300-350..trick has wrked for before so..BUT ayyee on a sidenote(to everyone) try to capture some moments this yr for 4/20 and post em up the next day! wanna see how other ppl celebrate the holidays ya know..ill def. have up what im gettin and the endless joints rolled lol.
  6. I love Oregon prices. 80 for the half, 150 for the O (medical grade) ^_^
  7. fuck you burn lol so lucky
  8. i get dankity dank dank for 150 an O bitches

  9. nice!
  10. If u are going to an mmj state an are paying that much they are making double off u

  11. You're so cool and omg 150 an o?!~?!?!?!? Omg man I wish I was you.. lol jk i don't I would never wanna be a cocky bastard. :smoke::wave:
  12. damn thats expensive as fuck. you should get a price break for the O i live in non-mmj state and my guy said $300 for an O thats half the price it would be buying a G at a time.

  13. brb packing.
  14. I've seen O's here in Texas go for almost 600. no joke. it's getting ridiculous already. The west coast is where it's at.
  15. if anyone ever even tried to offer that much even the dealers would be like WTF? lol around here for 600 i could get you 2 ounces and a handjob from a Vietnamese lady

  16. I might have to take that offer.
  17. i have close to the same prices as you, its bull shit man, 200 a half, 350-420 for a ounce
  18. Please don't spend over 400 on an O bruh. Either way have fun with a fat sack. I'm planning on doing the same but I pay like 340 which is still fucking retarded..
  19. [quote name='"218TwistinStanK"']Please don't spend over 400 on an O bruh. Either way have fun with a fat sack. I'm planning on doing the same but I pay like 340 which is still fucking retarded..[/quote]

    First sentence of this.

    It breaks my heart seeing these prices man.
    Come to northern california xD
    Nahhh. Lol
  20. Definitely love colorado... never more then 100 for a half of privately grown DANK bud. And 300 for 2 ounces of the same...

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