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  1. I'm thinking about getting myself a new ashcatcher for my inline bong.
    I would love the extra diffusion, making my rips a bit cooler.
    My buddy has a 6 arm tree perc bong and I love it. So I was looking in to getting a tree perc ash catcher. (Just from a local shop).
    I was wondering what kind of A/C's do you guys use and why?
    Also, is there any reason that tree A/C's arn't very good, because I really don't see alot of them, mostly just Inline, Circs, and showerheads.
    Thanks guys. :smoke:
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    IMO a showerhead/circ ashcatcher is better, but a tree would work fine as well.

    it's also just my opinion from my experiences that ash catchers don't help with smoke cooling/diffusion thaaaaat much compared to a nice perc/diffuser combo right by one another. a lot of them time i just use the little ash catchers purely as ash catchers, just to keep my bong clean, and they may help diffuse a little in the process.

    i'd still go with a nice showerhead, OR a gridded inline if possible. also, it depends on your bong because if you get something like a showerhead/tree or anything that needs to be held straight up and down for the best effect, and you have a percolator that needs the same, you should make sure the angle of the fitting makes the ash catcher sit correctly so that both are optimally used. an inline on the other hand allows for the "chill" holding position :D

    check out ssfg's inlines, AND apixdesign's gridded showerhead ashcatchers. shit, i should have just put him at the top those bastards look like they'll stack bubbles to heaven.
  3. Mmmm, Should I really go for a circ over a tree perc? Which would give me a cooler hit?
  4. I'm a circ guy myself much better diffusion then a tree imo. Also trees have been more fragile in my experience even from top brands.
  5. the inTIMimidator is right. unless they're reinforced, i wouldn't look twice at tree percs. there's always something else in the same price range with a better perc no matter what piece you want...usually :D i can't think of any reinforced tree ashcatchers either. please correct me if i'm wrong.

    thanks for the like nick! :)
  6. Thanks guys!
    I'm heading down to Berkley tomorrow!
    Hopefully you guys will be happy with my choice, I think Ill try and find a good Circ or showerhead.

    Do you think I will find such piece for only 80$'s?
  7. id say its possible...i havent been in a headshop in a couple months so im a bit behind on the price game
    trees are going a leetle out of style, plus theres more to break in them, so id agree with all the others.
    hope you find something awesome!

  8. i dont think so, i go to berkley all the time and the shops either dont have a very good selection or are really expensive. Mabe tho. good luck
  9. I love my tree perc a/c. One of the best purchases I've made next to my perc bong and vape.
  10. My tree a/c is reinforced. Still have a circ a/c on it's way though :)
  11. A smoke shop in a mall by my school are selling tree perc roor ashcatchers for 30$ and gear bongs for like 50-100 triple and double dome and all :D
  12. just picked up a ZOB halo AC for free with a double showerhead bubbler for $140 after tax. i continue building my phire legacy collection :D

  13. Roor A/cs would never sell for 30. They are fake.
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    Fake or not it still funtions and people still think you own a roor a/c.

    So eh why not? I still think there pre badass

  15. Hey man I can pass no judgement on that! It just pisses me off when people are screwed by buying counterfeit and not knowing it.
  16. How expensive are the gridded inlines?

  17. Slamsomethc, PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
  18. Circ > Inline > Tree. Imo of course.
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    NO problem :D

    I'll even do you one better! :smoking::bongin: i got a vid in HD up as well :cool:
    [ame=]YouTube - Video 16.wmv[/ame]

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