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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Cali Grass, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. This might sound weird, but My friend and I are going to grow a few plants this spring, in the woods near where we live, and we were thinking, what if we took one of those wooden shipping pallets and built a small platform in the trees, so more sunlight could get through and it would be less easy for anyone who happened to walk by to see (this place is fairly remote and the only people that go there are mainly me and my friends).

    Do you guys think this is possible or should we just find a clearing and let them grow there?
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    It's safer to grow alone and tell no one. Good luck though. The tree thing is possible but it will add problems to get up there and water, and people spotting the wood cabin easily, and plants getting to much wind,sun, falling. Visible from choppers possily.. A thick inaccessible bush on the ground sounds better to me.
  3. Growing a plant in the ground is tough enough...putting it in a tree would be even worse. Also all that tree foliage would likely block the sun from the plant. It would be cool though to rig a pulley system with a bucket to get the water to the platform, but I imagine that would be more obvious to passersby than a plant in the ground! Good luck with your endeavor
  4. stick to the ground.
  5. there was a grow journal on this site where a college student grew a couple of plants in a tall tree and it seemed pretty difficult. lugging water up in a tree would be hard work but it can be done. as for me i say stick to the ground that way you dont fall out of trees and they find your body a couple of days later surrounded by mj
  6. a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's sisters grandma (lol) had a tree house with plants in it... you must stake all your plants up very well.. and you have to cut the tree out so you get good sunlight.. as for watering i would get a 5 gallon gas can n paint camo and bring up to the tree house.... but you need som type of camo on your pots so there not so easy'ly noticed from the air
  7. After I got ripped off I put a few plants in the crooks of some oak trees on my property. 5 gallon black plastic bags blended right in. They were only 8' to 10' up so water was no big deal, I used a wand on my hose. The plants did okay, not what I recommend for a great grow.

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