Treating men like pedophiles

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    Basically this guy was flying by himself and he was seated next to two unaccompanied boys. The flight attendent made him switch seats with a female passenger because the airline has a policy that only women can sit next to unaccompanied children. They explained that in the past there have been incidents with adults preying on unaccompanied kids and all the perpetrators were men.

    But this policy is discriminatory. It assumes that a person is a potential sexual predator simply because they are male, and it assumes that women are above suspicion. The idea that "all prior incidents involved X" doesn't justify racial or religious profiling at airport security, so it shouldn't justify this.

    To be fair, the airline's official policy is to have no one sit next to unaccompanied minors, but in the event of a full flight only women can sit next to them. Johnny McGirr, the guy who wrote the piece above, says that airlines should automatically leave empty seats next to the kids if that's their policy. His point is that any adult, male or female, is a potential predator. British Airways was sued in 2010 because of a similar incident, and now they place unaccompanied minors in their own section of the plane.

    TL;DR Is it fair for society to have different rules for men and women when they interact with children because men are viewed as more likely to be pedophiles?
  2. so what? i hate it when people get offended over shit like that.
    switch seats and make a joke about it, and move on with your life knowing that your not a pedophile.
    IF you are a pedophile, on the other hand...
  3. I'd agree with the policy in place if I had young kids :smoking:
  4. To be honest the airline can do what ever the hell they want as it is not a government or state entity. They are private airlines providing a public service. Their policies are their choice as long as they fall under FAA rules (which do not include any rules on pedos).

    If you are in America and you own a car/plane/train/boat you can make up rules like this too, as long as they adhere to the rules of the road/sky/rail/water set forth by your state or local gov. For example in my truck there is a no shirt policy. Also a no dudes policy. Sexist? damn right. It is my right in/on my property.
  5. That's like saying you can get high off weed 99.9999999999999999999999% of the time you smoke, and getting high off nutmeg .000000000001% of the time you smoke.

    Might as well smoke the weed.

    These numbers are an extreme example but even if it was 49% to 51% it would make sense, I would want the 2% extra of a chance to not get raped haha.
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    Obviously discriminatory.. No one should agree this is right.

    We're not discussing the amount of inconvenience involved, we're discussing the principle. It's extremely blatant discrimination.

    Here's an extreme example, what if they made a move to ban male workers in child daycares?

    "switch jobs and make a joke about it" ?

    My point being, you paid for your ticket and your seat and you shouldn't have to move because of your gender. Maybe instead of instituting discriminatory policies, the airline can SPEND MONEY and fund better security on the plane. More plane staff = less opportunity for pedophile (him/her) to be alone with kiddies.
  7. ^^^^^ Yeah, it's more about the principle of the thing than the actual inconvenience. Airlines have an official policy in place that says men have to be treated differently than women because men are potential pedophiles and women (evidently) aren't. Isn't that kind of fucked up?
  8. What the fuck is a pedo gonna do to some kids on an airplane? There's a bunch of other people around. If I was unaccompanied on a plane sitting next to a creeper, and he was doing pedo shit, I would be very loud in response to make sure everyone knew.
  9. as long as it's not against women it's ok, calm down.
  10. [quote name='"lemonindica"']as long as it's not against women it's ok, calm down.[/quote]

    No... it's just not that big of a fucking deal. It's their policy, more than likely, just to protect their own asses and make parents feel more comfortable.
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  11. They would be doing me a favor by asking me to move away from two little brats.

  12. Lol yeah let some poor woman deal with that shit :p

    But seriously this is kind of fucked up, I'd be very annoyed if I was told I can't sit next to these kids because I'm a man. I'd certainly never fly with those guys ever again.
  13. [quote name='"JuanRing"']

    Lol yeah let some poor woman deal with that shit :p

    But seriously this is kind of fucked up, I'd be very annoyed if I was told I can't sit next to these kids because I'm a man. I'd certainly never fly with those guys ever again.[/quote]

    Is it not true that a majority of pedophiles are men?

  14. Really though, wouldn't you be irritated if you were told you can't sit next to kids because you're a woman? That wouldn't rub you the wrong way?

    I swear people believe pedophiles are lurking in every dark corner waiting to snatch their children.

    What the fuck could you even do to them on a plane? If it's really that big of a deal then just leave the poor guy alone and escort the kids off when they land, that is if the flight crew can be trusted not to molest all the kids, since every adult is a potential predator right :rolleyes:

    This is some serious fear mongering bubble wrap shit.
  15. I think the better question is what are two unaccompanied, underage boys doing on an airplane? Bad parenting?
  16. id have to agree the airline can have whatever rules they want on their own planes, so long as it isnt a government created rule or they odnt get any sort of tax cut for having such rules
    but personally i feel like society is prone to look at men as the "bad guys" before accepting that women could be, but thats society as a whole and as groups have certain unspoken laws and patterns that are followed by the group as a whole, but there are certainly individuals that dont feel this way and to me, its the individual thats important, both in how they feel about risk of others, and how they treat others to reduce said risks without reason to believe the risk is real

    if that makes any sense lol

  17. Lol my older brother flew by himself from Toronto to Vancouver once a month when he was like 8 years old 'til he was like 10.

    He's still here, nothing bad ever happened to him. I think that being so afraid that you don't let your kids do anything is bad parenting.
  18. There's more to it than just airplane seats though.

    Any men here ever try to hang out at a playground? :p

    This was posted on Reddit a while ago...
    There are a lot of men who don't feel comfortable even liking kids because of how people might take it.

    Yeah, I'm sure a majority of pedophiles are men. A majority of rapists are men. A majority of serial killers are men.

    But it's pretty sad that some people look at every man as a potential baby raping serial murderer.

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