Treasure Island

Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. The crazy stuff that rolls through my mind and the games I play......

    Tell all your buds to meet up at your house for a smokeout. Make sure they are all cashed out, stone cold sober and hungry for a tasty buzz. About an hour before they get there roll yourself a big one and put it in your pocket. Take the stash and bury it in a place in the back yard and hide it really good. Light up your J and get a piece of paper. Mark X on the paper where you buried it. NOW start walking around the yard and counting your steps, landmarks etc. Place the directions on the map. Keep doing this for a good long time, about 25 or 30 different directions. When you get to a good stopping point Mark that place on your map with a bigger X. It helps if the last place you stopped is a pile of dog shit, cat litter box, something gross, etc. Now sit back and watch the gang come over. They will see you are stoned and want to hit up as well. Give them the map and tell them to dig at the Big X. If you wrote the directions down as you went along, they will start where you buried the stash and follow your clues around the yard/house only to find a big pile of dog shit, etc. waiting for them at the end rather than a good buzz. You will have the funniest time and get the biggest giggles when they start digging in the cat litter box looking for the stash. Then when they don't find it, say "oops I wrote the directions backwards, it must be where you started at!" and then giggle some more.

    Its pretty funny but it helps to be the biggest one of the group so you don't get your ass whipped.

    Lord, please forgive my tom foolery!
  2. Big Poppa you are a very funny man. LMAO

    That sounds like a very good idea to pull on some stoner friends. You could even write the directions in a different language. That'll screw them up!!!
  3. :D dont yer friends EVER have their own smoke?
    aaah its good to be back......

  4. Where ya been? we been wondering...

    What's the deal with "Dumb Blonde" details please....
  5. yeah what is up with the dumb blonde thing? and where in the heck HAVE you been?!
    lol BPP this is so funny :)
    I think I'll do something similar except I have no yard so I'll hide it in some cupboard... I *DO* have a litter box tho ;)
  6. i am shamefully eating up that ya care :). i havent been too far away just been kinda buisy....ok,ok i amit to lurking twice. the dumb blonde thing...*shrugs shoulders* im figuring the begining part of a migrane...but i like it. its so not me that im keeping it. for now
  7. God, that would be absolutely hysterical. they'd be pretty pissed, but oh well. Sounds like sumtin I'm going to have to try


  9. NOT FOR A SECOND,eome. :)

    puffy he mighta been thinking, higha jus ruined her hair! and darling ganjafish would know how much such a thing would next one should say,..really mean mom!

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