Treasure Hunt

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mauiwowie15, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Well my friend came over yesterday, and we were very desperate for some weed. We decided to go on a treasure hunt and visit all the places we had ever smoked like in the woods and such. We found two used cans, two wrapped up tin foils, and glass tubing with resin in it. Even after a long snowy winter the tinfoil still had a large nug inside of it. We started to hit it, but it was wet and would not light. However we continued to hit it and eventually burned off the wet layer, and got about 10 really good hits each. We both had not smoked for 2 months, so we were pretty baked. A treasure hunt is a great way to find weed if you are desperate, and also a good way to get that memory flowing and remember some fun sessions.

  2. and its a great way to finally clean up your trash that you polluted the earth with!
  3. Thats true, sorry mother nature, but its also hard to throw away stuff like that in the trash w/ suspicoius parents.
  4. Why'd you leave a nug in the pipe, in the woods last summer?? I don't get it, plus poluting sucks... you could've tossed in the back of someones truck at least...
  5. ahha and then wen itsw illegal trash IE a Nug .. u get caught up with the cops

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